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It’s a good question, we understand that for many of you joining or contributing to a relatively small site can be something that you have turned away from, whether that be because you want more traffic to content, or you crave the instant success of your work.

However, when you become a contributor to anysource you become a member of the team for life. Whether we become one of the biggest media companies in the world r don’t, when you join us, you’re along for the ride, all the way to the end.

We accept all sorts of writers, whether you want to write on the latest news topic, or about some of the most specific niches, such as photography or fashion.

Technology writers

If you want to write on technology then you’ve come to a brilliant place. Technology articles have been some of our most popular ranging from technology reviews to the latest news stories this niche has become one of the most popular in our young site. We are looking for people to contribute to a variety of content sections, from technology reviews to news of new products.

Politics Writers

Writing on politics is something that we feel very passionate about. Whether we’re giving an opinion piece on the latest political event or we are providing you with the news. However, the best benefit we can give you is a platform. our articles range in their reach, however, for the most part, we average well over 10,000 viewers per article and some of our articles on the biggest political event have reached hundreds of thousand thanks to our well developed social channels.

News Contributors

we are striving as much as possible to develop the breaking news and news coverage side of our website, it’s the one big obstacle that separates small start-up sites such as ours from the bigwigs such as BBC News and Sky News. We appreciate anyone that is willing to send a story in to us


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