Workplace Misconduct: How to Spot It and What to Do About It

Unfortunately, as if having to go to work sometimes wasn’t bad enough, there is such a thing as workplace misconduct. Workplace misconduct is the act, on one person’s behalf, of making another person’s time at work a living nightmare. This could be through verbal attacks towards, it could be through the misuse of authority or it could come in the form of physical assaults.

Want to know the worst part of all? The person who is on the receiving end of this misconduct probably won’t have the courage to stand up to it; that’s why, then, it is down to you. It is down to you to spot when somebody is on the receiving end of workplace misconduct, and to then act upon it. For advice on how to do so, make sure to read on.

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Excessive gift giving

Although it might sound to be a positive thing at first, excess gift giving can be deemed as workplace misconduct — and it can be deemed to be misconduct for a number of reasons. One of the reasons why seeing someone showing another with gifts all the time should set alarms off in your head is because the gifts could stand as tokens; what this means is that someone may be gifting others with tokens in order to carry favour with them in the future. And another reason why excessive gift giving should be deemed as inappropriate workplace behaviour is because it could be borne of desires on the gifter’s part to forge a relationship, maybe even a sexual relationship, with the receiver. If these gifts are unwanted, then the gifter could be classed as being an harasser.

The spreading of rumours

No matter how innocuous they may seem, rumours — specifically the spreading of them — can be deemed to be a workplace misconduct. In fact, spreading rumours, especially malicious ones, can even be deemed to be workplace bullying. They can be deemed to be bullying because they are intended to ridicule or humiliate coworkers, sometimes just to upset them and sometimes to have them lose favour with the boss. So, if you ever have someone come to with a rumour, shut it down imminently. Or, if you really want to do something about it, try to find out who sourced the rumour in the first place.

Misuse of authority

Sometimes, it’s not just coworkers that can be accused of workplace misconduct; sometimes those in a position of power can be accused of it too. Specifically, this means somebody in power, whether this be a manager, supervisor or even the boss, either piling too much pressure on a certain employee too often or denying them the chance to rise in the company when they deserve to. If you were to see this, and see it happening to the point where your coworker is becoming upset with the treatment, then don’t be afraid to take it further.

Workplace misconduct is real, so you need to keep a real eye out for it. If you ever feel like you’re on the receiving end of it, don’t be afraid to fight back. And, if you’re the boss, then you need to ensure it isn’t ruining your team’s working performance.

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