The Wonders of Desktop Computers

Yes, desktop computers still have a massive role to play in today’s world, despite the advancements in technology, specifically advancements in portable computer technology. To see just what wonders would await you if you ever decided to switch back to the traditional form of computing that is the desktop life, make sure to read on.

An iMac desktop computer. Image source

Their price to performance ratio is unrivalled

Desktop computers are still unrivalled when it comes to the all important ratio of price and performance, despite the advancements in computer technology that have occurred in recent years. No, this doesn’t mean desktops are going to necessarily be cheap, it just means that the price you pay, whether it be on cheaper iMacs or more expensive ones, will wield you a far greater chance of owning a high performing computer than if you were to buy an alternative computer, such as laptop. Basically, whether you pay £500 or £5000 on your desktop you will always be getting a computer that performs to its optimum ability.

What makes desktops such high performing machines when compared to their cousins in the computer world is the fact that they can be upgraded and modified far easier. For instance, upgrading a desktop computer’s CPU or graphics card is far easier (if you have a faint idea of what you’re doing, at least) that it is to do on a laptop. In fact, this specific task is damn near impossible on a laptop. Ultimately, this means that desktops can improve and be improved over time far easier than laptops, meaning they ultimately continue to return on investment over and over again. What’s more, desktops can take more RAM than any other piece of computer technology.

Their screens are unparalleled

The screen size of desktop computers is, of course, unparalleled in the world of computer technology. But, it’s not the size of the screen that counts — it’s what the screen can do with it’s size that really counts. And, what most desktop computers, such as desktop iMacs, do with their screen size is make a bout of computer usage, such as Internet surfing or gaming, feel almost like a movie event. Well, you’d expect as much when most screens are now actually coming readily made to be able to play 4K Blu-ray movies just about as well as any TV or even big screen could.

They can prove to be healthier… for you

Yep, you read that correctly: desktops can prove to be healthier for you than laptops. Specifically, they can be healthier through the fact that they are a better option when it comes protecting and even improving your posture. This is because, ideally, your computer screen should be at eye level in order to ensure your back is supported and in as healthy position as it can when in a seated position. Of course, desktop computers make this far easier than laptops because of the fact that they are always mounted on desks and tables.

If you are truly willing to forgo portability with your next computer choice, then getting a desktop computer should be no brainer for you. You will get a higher performing device, no matter how much you pay. You will be able to indulge yourself in a computer screen to die for. And you will keep your posture as protected as can be.

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