Why Im Proud Of My Generation After The 2017 General Election

I Wanted to write this post after the general election of 2017, to voice my support for my generation and voice how proud I am of how they have dealt with the 2017 general election.

I want to start by saying politics can be confusing sometimes, and for a generation that is so disconnected in age from politicians, it can be boring. However many of the 18-25-year-olds managed to look past the massive indifference they have with politicians and the outright manic online media campaigns shouting school playground insults from party to party and made their decision.

On the 8th of June, we saw a 72% turnout of 18-25 years olds. When we compare that to 2015 which was a turnout of 43% we can see that there has been a massive shift in the voting behavior of young voters. Young voters are now taking an interest and recognizing that they can make a difference in how their future is shaped.

Now there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that one part of this was Labour offering would be University students the hope that they would be able to have free university education. Now from this, i saw a lot of people saying that the young people were voting for the wrong reasons, to that I have to say “what are you on about”. For once a politician fashioned a policy that would help in their future and you’re slandering them for voting for that, you really should be ashamed of yourself.

If it’s wrong to vote for someone that is going to better your future then you really need to reconsider how you view the world.

So what does this show us? Well, firstly I think it shows us that the younger generation is prepared to come out in very high number when they have a party that is ready to support them as well. On this occasion, it happened to be a very appealing policy for anyone that was planning to or was already at university. Secondly, it disparages the perception that everyone in this age range is too lazy or disinterested to vote. And just to give you an inkling as to how some of the biggest media channels saw the way 18-25 years olds were voting ill leave some screenshot below.

So leave us a comment below, what did you think about the vote that was cast by the majority of 18-25 years olds, did you think their turnout was good or were you against them voting that some have been already.

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