What Retailers Can Do To Encourage A Healthy Body Image

The fashion industry has come under a lot of fire in recent years about the way it portrays the female body image. From size-zero models to waif-like mannequins, change has been a long time coming in the industry – and now it’s finally here. Many retailers are already sharing positive stories of what they’re doing to promote change in the fashion industry, and there’s still plenty more to be done.

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Looking to be a part of the change? Here are some of the things that retailers can do to encourage a healthy body image.

Sell more sizes

A lack of sizes in fashionable, on-trend clothes is damaging for women. Many retailers stop their clothes at certain sizes, leaving out a large portion of the population – costing them money and women their dignity. Clothing brands that sell a range of sizes can help encourage body positivity and buck the trend that sees so many women turning away from popular brands.

Realise that not one size fits all

While walking around a clothing store, it can be difficult not to feel inadequate next to a display of perfectly toned mannequins with proportions you could only dream of – mainly because they don’t exist in real life. Real women want to see their body shapes and heights reflected in the stores they visit, making them more likely to buy something if they can see how it would look on themselves. Don’t underestimate the power of a plus size mannequin, as investing in some could work wonders for your store. Having a range of body shapes and types on display encourages a much healthier attitude towards body image, and your customers will thank you for it.

Don’t alter reality

Some of the biggest criticisms in the industry in recent years have come down to airbrushing. Many models, actresses and other celebrities have been victims of airbrushing, used to create seemingly perfect-looking bodies and complexions that do not reflect reality. Retailers have the chance to show women as they are, warts and all, to help women love their bodies and all their flaws. ASOS is leading the way as a retailer using different body types to model its clothes, and have also been praised in the past for leaving photos unedited to reflect what bodies really look like. It’s something that will save you time and money and helps women to feel proud of their bodies, no matter what their shape.

In the same way that designers and fashion houses must change the way we define beauty, retailers also have their part to play. Showing a good attitude towards body positivity is a good way to build a good reputation with your customers, as well as attract new ones to your store. Make sure that you shout about your efforts and get your message heard to encourage other retailers to follow suit. Be a part of this exciting movement and help all women see the fun in fashion again.

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