Wavebox Has Revolutionised The Way I Work On Mac

So for many of us, workflow is something that we are constantly trying to perfect. A well tuned and effective workflow means you can be at your most productive. There are many tools out there that can definitely help with your workflow, for example, you have tools such as Trello that allows you to organise your work into neat and tidy cards and with that, you can add in other team members and collaborate really well. However that really only serves one purpose at a time, which in this case would be project management.

What we need is a tool or an application that can allow us to have all of the necessary pieces workspaces that we need in one place and fo us to easily switch between them. This is where the tool Wavebox comes in.

In March, the team behind WMail rebranded its app as Wavebox, a new fully-featured email and productivity app that goes well ahead of the original idea of an email client. In fact, after using Wavebox for no more than 10 minutes after I first downloaded it earlier this week, I was confident in saying it’s the most powerful email app for Mac I’ve ever used. It’s available now for free (there are Windows and Linux versions as well), but the company behind it sells a $19.95 annual pro subscription for access to things like unlimited accounts and third-party app integrations.

Wavebox functions very much like its WMail forerunner — it too is built on Chromium and Electron. It lets you add a Gmail account and then replicates all the very same settings you have on the web versions, including keyboard shortcuts, labels, and so on. It even allows you the ability to switch between Google’s Gmail and Inbox app depending on what style you want. for example, you could have your work email on the standard Gmail style and add your personal email as one of the inbox style accounts, meaning it will be more minimalistic and will be less cluttered some would say.

However one of the key areas that Wavebox really excels in is the integration that it manages to cram into the application. You have pretty much all of the essential Google applications, as soon as you add you Google account you’re able to add your drive, calendar, photos, hangouts, contacts and keep. However, beyond that, you’re able to add your Microsoft Office account integrating all of the calendar and contacts features there as well. You also have integration support for Trello and Slack. Two tools that many professionals will have come across and my use on a regular basis in their jobs.

And finally, something that really made this tool viable for me, is the ability to add any website. What this really means is that a tab can be assigned to show a certain website. In my case, i immediately added Grammarly as one with my account logged in, as it is something that I will commonly use on a regular basis.

Now I fully accept that the work environment that you have will be the deciding factor on whether or not this tool is really useful for you, however it does seem that for someone that needs to have a few websites open at a time as well as a number of email accounts and all of their Google services this provides a brilliant workspace that keeps you engaged.

Let me know what you think of this tool in the comments below, would you try this in the future, or does it not meet your workflow needs.

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