United States Election 2016 – Post Result Reflection

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There is an old parable about a Frog and a Scorpion. One day the Scorpion crawls to the Frog sat by the side of a fast running river and asks “My Dear Froggy, could you possibly give me a lift across to the other side”. The Frog replies “No. Surely you’ll just sting and kill me if I let you on my back”. The Scorpion replies “My dear Frog, I give you my word I will do no such thing, I will guide you through the currents and safely to the other side.” And so the Frog allowed the scorpion to crawl onto its back and began to swim out into the river.

When it got halfway however the Scorpion jabbed the Frog with its stinger, causing it to freeze and start sinking them both. The Frog cried out “Why would you do this, now we both will die” and the Scorpion looks at the Frog puzzled and says, “But my dear Froggy, you Knew I was a Scorpion when you agreed to take me across”. Donald Trump made a very eloquent speech this morning, GMT, calling for America to come together in order to enable him and the Republican party to make America great again.

It was a change from his usual fierce rhetoric and rather startled me for a minute until I realised that the whole world would be watching and that for Trump to come out and say ‘Well, y’know, I was always gonna win cause im a winner and Hillary is like a 4 at best’ wouldn’t do even for such a divisive politician. But Trump raises a good point there for whilst the republican party does control the Senate, and The House of Representatives and the Oval office – something it hasn’t done since 1928, which lead(not directly) to the Great depression – the fact remains that the popular vote went to Hillary Clinton. Trump makes it sound so simple, that the two sides can just come together but the reality tells us otherwise. “More than 4 in 10 Democrats and Republicans say the other parties policies are so misguided that they pose a threat to the nation” according to the Washington post. “55%” of Democrats feel afraid of the Republican party, and “49%” of Republicans feel the same way, according to the PewResearchCenter. What this means is that it is going to be so much harder for Trump to bring that country together than he could ever have made it out to be this Morning.

The last time the vote was split along these lines, the 2000 election, it took the worst attack on US soil in history to united the nation again, and it barely did that for more than a year. And here we link back to the parable. The US electorate/public is the Frog. Trump is the Scorpion, but instead of claws He has a famously short temperament, instead of scales he has a tendency put the blame for problems anywhere apart from those areas where he would be directly affected by the ramifications and instead of a sting he has the ability to incite great hatred and animosity towards particular groups in society among certain demographics. And the US electorate knows this, Trump got to be a candidate on the back of an anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, rhetoric and has carried on along the line bordering outright Racism right through the campaign. They can see that he’s been like this along time before he became a politician through his views on Women. And yet, through whatever reason they have elected him to the White House. He will be steering them through these turbulent waters. Say what you want about Hillary as a politician/email user she is a stateswoman, who had the majority support of all minority ethnic groups and who has years of experience dealing with people who are equally, if not more, dangerous than the American public. I am in no doubt that if the Frog were to carry her it would make it across, maybe a bit slower and to an average patch of land on the other side but they would make it. With Trump at the helm, well. “My dear Froggy, you knew I was Donald Trump when you agreed to take me across”.


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