The ultimate Smart Home Setup 2018

Well, guys, 2017 has been a brilliant year for the Smart home there’s been loads more devices released plenty more updates making all of your devices so much smarter and new technologies making smart Home devices smaller and more intuitive. In this article, I want to give you the best devices that you need to get in 2018 or going to be released in 2018 to make sure your Smart home stays up to date and as awesome as ever.

Google Home Mini

I was a bit of a latecomer to the Google home Mini, being released in October I’ve only bought the Google home mini within the last couple of days. I’ve already had experience with the large google home and it’s been an incredibly useful device especially when paired with smart TVs Google Chromecast and smart plugs. However price, in this case, limited me to purely having one. With the release of the Google home mini’s much lower price, I’ve recently been able to fully upgrade my smart Home technology. As of currently, I’ve been able to put a Google home mini in almost every room and although there are some teething problems that I can see in the way that Google is operating with multiple Google homes in a house I feel like there’s a very clear and good future for this setup. The ability to have Google assistant in every room my house has an incredible asset and is made my workflow so much better especially seeing as I’m not always working in my bedroom or other rooms within the house. I’ve left the link below to the Google home mini is currently on offer and I definitely recommend you pick up at least 2 and fill out a few rooms in your house.

TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

Smart plugs are one of the few smart technologies in my house I feel like it truly revolutionised the way I interact with technology. Albeit you do need a smart Home device such as the Google home or Alexa to operate them in an efficient way across the whole house, I find that they’ve given me the control to operate so many more areas within my home, for example, I can now turn on every light within my bedroom front room dining room and kitchen all by talking to my many Google homes for out the house.

Even if you just operating from one room I definitely recommend you pick a few of these plugs up the currently at £20 so something I’ve done is pair them with an extension cable. For example, my whole desk setup is paired with just one extension cable including all my LED lights computer monitors and other charging cables. With this I’m able to limit the number of smart plugs I have therefore saving cost. I’ve left a link to them below so you definitely need to check them out.

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Wired Home Security Camera

The Logitech lineup of home CCTV cameras are ones I’ve not had much of an experience with however I have had the ability to experience both the Logi circle and the Logi circle 2. Logi circle 2 builds on what was for me an already brilliant home security camera. Hi there now Logitech have introduced a lot of new technology including person detection a much wider field of view, and seamless two-way communication by the camera. This is definitely one that you need to get in your home so I’m Gonna Leave a link below.

Philips Hue White Ambience Personal Wireless Lighting

Smart bulbs, although I would say, can be unconventional, they are definitely some of the most fun pieces of smart tech that you can have in your house, in all of the places where you have lighting plugged in and you can’t get a smart plug for them the second best thing is to get Philips Hue lights. You can still connect them to devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google home and likewise, you can still walk into the room and ask those smart Home devices to turn on whatever specific code word you associated with that bulb. They’re a really good bit of tech and I’m going to leave a link to them below.

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