Two of the Best Laptops To Look Out For

A decade or so ago, fixed computers and desks were where it was at. At home or in the workplace, it was all about fixed computers. Fast forward to where we are now, and it is all about laptops. From families having laptops in the home, to offices being filled with laptops, it means working flexibly can be much simpler. It also means that you can get online and work or enjoy things like social media, wherever you are; all you need is your laptop and an internet connection.

So as laptops are such a big thing, you are likely to be needing to get one every few years. Being small and compact means that they don’t last forever. There are sites like that you can look at for ideas and reviews on laptops. But there are two stand-out laptops at the moment this year, that are coming off as some of the best. So if you need a new one, it could be worth looking into one of the following:


Dell XPS 13

You may be surprised to see that it there isn’t an Apple product in sight on this list. Many other manufacturers have come up to speed and are now able to compete, and exceed what Apple has to offer. Which is where the Dell XPS 13 comes in. For starters, it has an ultra-sleek design, and it looks good. So for work or play, it is a great looking laptop. If you’re more of a person that uses the laptop for video, gaming, or streaming, then it has come out as some of the best rated sound that there is. It performs well in all aspects and has a clear and easy to use keyboard.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect. So there are a couple of downsides. One of them is the price, as it comes in at well over $1000. So it isn’t one that you are just going to buy on a whim. Another downside is that there are no full-sized USB ports or SD-Card readers. So if you use your laptop for editing photography or video, then it wouldn’t be the ideal for you, without having to buy adaptors.

Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Lenovo is making waves, and you’ll see them more and more in corporate settings, as they are such good quality machines. The IdeaPad, found here, is slim and stylish, and it has an excellent overall performance, from sound to picture quality. The surround is all-metal, so it makes it an attractive option for those looking for something that looks good, but is also durable. Having said that, it isn’t exactly lightweight. So for commuting, it might not be best.

The price tag is probably the best thing about it, though, as it comes in at a very reasonable $500, compared to over $1000. So it is definitely a winner in the budget laptop department.

Have you got experience with either of these laptops? It would be great to hear what you think.

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