Are the trump protests Right? Or do they show the true hypocrisy of progressive politics?

As most of you will have watched unfold live, Donald trump was strongly elected by the electoral college and almost half of the voting people in America to be the 45th president of the united states. Once again much like Brexit, the media seems to have been dumbfounded by the silent masses the don’t partake in the polls they conduct and the television interviews. Some would have sat back with a hint of contempt asking the media how haven’t you learnt yet.

The Riots And Protests

However, with the fact this result could not be scripted aside its now becoming the reaction post result that is becoming the biggest surprise. It’s now safe to say that the same Clinton supporters who booed the possibility of Donald trump not accepting the result when it would eventually took place have now become exactly what they were booing just 2 months earlier. One thing that is acceptable is people becoming upset about the result, that is perfectly acceptable and understandable however in this case it’s not what they are doing, Calls for his execution, shouts for the vote to be thrown out and in one extraordinary account shouts for people to die. There’s plenty of places that you can read about the exact details of the protests and how they have been conducted and organised.

A video I would recommend watching is Stefan Molyneux channel, the video below is him calmly explaining the protests in a very analytical and easy to understand way


The guardian has quoted that throughout the coming weekend more than 10,000 protesters are looking at staging protests across the US including outside the trump tower and throughout New York. So in short this tendency to protest shows no sign of stopping, in fact its thought this will easily retain its momentum up until president-elect Donald trump is inaugurated in January.

Who’s Responsible?

Now whilst there nothing you can do about the people protesting, there is something the other political figures can do. For one Hillary Clinton has done nothing to calm these people down. You may say that it’s not her responsibility or she outright shouldn’t. However, going back throughout other elections whereby people have to accept defeat to a candidate they feared and did not like, you have to look no further than the 2 elections in which president Obama won. For republicans at the time this was a massive threat, a strong left candidate that they believed would split up the country had won and they had to accept it, and guess what, they did. There were not people in the street wrecking the windows and buildings of businesses nowhere near the level of death threats and most importantly a lack of hypocrisy.

So what do you guys think about the people protesting, are they right, should they be displaying such anger, is it a sign that they are truly labelled as the snowflake supporters that many see them as. ?, make sure you let us know in the poll below:

How Did Celebrities React To The US Election

Amongst all of the riots and protests you have the celebrities which is the last thing I will be covering, celebrities such as Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus have already been strongly featured in the news coverage and media coverage of the post-election reaction. For me Katy Perry stood out as one of the most compelling. Tweets such as these.


Were then carefully followed by this


It’s almost as though she got everyone rowed up without realising how upset people were, then preceding to backtrack after the scenes of people being beaten and cars burning were released. Staying on that issue I’d say that this same fear mongering and spreading of fear by everyone is what’s keeping this fuelled. People honestly look up to Katy Perry and if they see a tweet asking for the revolution it is bound to cause a certain reaction amongst some of her die-hard fans.

How Should Influencers And The Media Reacted

Again for both Katy Perry and all of the other celebrities I can understand their anger and sadness, they voted for someone they believed in, and they weren’t elected, however that doesn’t mean you immediately right of the other 60 million people who voted opposite to your vote. Trying to get the election turned over and the electoral college dismantled makes you just as bad as dictatorship’s.

The way the “progressive” left should have taken the result is with a unifying support for one another in the knowledge that they still have a voice, Donald Trump will be their president and he would be stupid to ignore the views of nearly half his country.

One closing video i wont forget seeing is the media row within the trump camp after it was revealed he had won and Hillary Clinton conceded, the video by Milo Yiannopoulos shows the media row empty, does this show that they aren’t getting the full story, this may be the most revealing video I’ve seen lately about the mainstream media. Would they have stayed if trump lost? Heres the video:

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