Trump, Kim Jong Un, set time and place for summit

President Donald Trump revealed on Thursday that his historic planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would take place on June 12 in Singapore a location that has virtues for both sides.

“The highly anticipated meeting between Kim Jong Un and myself will take place in Singapore on June 12th,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The president had previously floated the idea of holding his face-to-face with Kim in Singapore, remarking last week that the southeast Asian city-state was under consideration, as was the demilitarized zone along the border between North and South Korea.

The selection of Singapore as the venue is seen as beneficial for both Trump and Kim, and it has expertise in hosting large-scale international meetings.

As the current chair of ASEAN, Singapore is already scheduled to host multiple high-profile meetings this year, the American Enterprise Institute’s Dan Blumenthal said Thursday, and will also host the ministers of defense from almost 30 nations early next month at the Shangri-La Dialogue.

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