Why does tommy Robinson trend after every major terror attack in the UK

It’s a bloody good question and to be honest I don’t have a flying clue.

Tommy Robinson has on almost all occasions there has been a terrorism-related event in England trended on Twitter, why you might ask, well that’s simple while everyone else talks about how horrible the attacks was and shares information, these people for some reason hurl abuse, death threats and insults at him. Again we have to ask the question, why?

And again I have to answer I don’t have a clue, there is nothing he does after he attacks that I would deem wrong or worthy of being told you should die, most of the time he merely materialises his anger of not being listened to on these topics, there’s no disrespect to any victim, just someone who is frustrated by the state of current national security and quite rightly.

A lot of people say in their messages to him that he thrives from these attacks to spread hate, again I can’t understand this, how is he spreading hate, I might be wrong here but nothing he puts out seems like he enjoys these attacks happening, in fact the entire reason he is on social media is to try and spread awareness about methods to stop this happening.

And the worst piece of abuse he gets which annoys me so much is the “oh you’re a racist” what bloody race is he against, people who practice Islam are not a race, that is a religion, or doesn’t take a genius to realise that one thing Tommy Robinson is not a racist.

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3 thoughts on “Why does tommy Robinson trend after every major terror attack in the UK

  1. This is definitely a matter for discussion,with so much happening with Islam these fools are using tommy as a decoy, keep people angry at the racist white man instead of them putting the elites under pressure to sort this radical Islam problem, keep doing all you can with your platform to bring the publics eyes on the truth cheers!

  2. Thank Goodness for Tommy and his people. Not many people here in the states read enough from other papers over there. They read the Guardian and a couple of tabs. Same garbage CNN feeds them .

  3. Thanks for writing this. Tommy is used as a scapegoat for telling the truth, and every time this happens to him he responds with humor, which people cannot understand. He won’t stop either, no matter what. Tommy has a lot of nerve- people are envious.

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