The UK Is On The Verge Of Increased Surveillance Powers — This Is What It Means

United Kingdom Data Spying

The UK is about to be one of the world’s foremost surveillance nations, allowing its police and news agencies to snoop on its own people to a level that is unprecedented for a republic. The UN’s privacy chief has predicted the situation “worse than scary.” Edward Snowden says it’s only “the most extreme surveillance in the chronicle of western democracy.”

The bill that this all stems from is the Investigatory Powers Bill. Already cleared by our politicians it is merely down to structural formalities of the royal approval for it to be fully enforced. The power that the government is granted because of this bill is what some would class as excessive. The ability to hack individuals and greater storage of one’s entire digital footprint are a few of the formalities of the new bill.

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What internet browsing data will be Tracked and stored

Well as you can imagine by the backlash this bill has created a huge amount. This includes all browsing data, usage times and even the meta data of connected phones. It’s worth mentioning one crucial component about the data that will be taken, if you were say on YouTube it would take the base domain rather than the specific subpages, I know this doesn’t make it any better but is much more reassuring.  All of this data will be collected by the government from the many ISP’s across the country and then stored accordingly. A request for the data to be accessed is thought to require an internal search on what is being known as the Request Filter. Using this method, it is thought that the government will be able to extensively filter the search data allowing for extremely detailed viewing on individual users.

There are ways that this data can be muddied. VPN’s look to be a adversary if the bill come through. As by build they bounce the traffic of your device around the world it will be much harder to track when run through the request filter.

UK Data Storage

Who has the power

For the most part the police force will dictate the progression of any claims or requests for the data of nay citizen, however that doesn’t make it acceptable. Without a warrant or warning your entire web history can be opened by the police force and that’s no laughing matter. Just sit and think what they will see from your average day on the internet, all of the sites you go to, all of the phone calls that you make and then of course the most questionable sites that you go to such as porn sites, and yes this is not illegal however the thought of someone knowing you’ve been on it almost makes you feel like you’ve done something wrong in advance.

Data being tracked UK

So what opinion do you have, I think most of us in the UK agree that this defiantly slipped under the radar with the other bug news going on in the world and it looks like we might just suffer, however its not too late, there is a petition going around trying to stop it last minute and allow us to sway governments5 choice if you feel like signing you can here :

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