The Journey – Personal Review *No Spoilers*

So I think its time to finally do my take on the journey, don’t worry this is going to be relatively spoiler free and as so comparably brief, but here it is.

from the outset I was a fan of the journey, the idea of having a new game mode on FIFA after years of playing seemed like a brilliant move by EA and the introduction of a new engine made me think it was going to be something completely different.


So to start off, I need to say that so far I have been very impressed with the journey, not giving away any spoilers it does give you something different that you have never experienced before from the FIFA series of games.

I want to start off from the beginning of the journey, as everyone knows the journey is supposed to be a journey so you start out as a kid, this mainly gives you some background on the player that you are nothing there. Although there were some good cutscenes, it goes relatively uneventful, however as you get further into the actual story you realise that what EA have done is give you a cinematic experience. In fact, I even found myself getting goosebumps at some points, it just really gave you a good impression of what it would be like to come up through the ranks of a real life. It even covers some of the most specific areas which I am not going to go into detail with just to save myself from spoiling it for everyone that reads this.

FIFA gives you a superb opportunity to mould the player that you are playing; I was initially sceptical about the lack of customisation. However, I soon realised that the amount of control you have over what Alex Hunter says and does have a brilliant impact on the game and how it pans out for you, which is honestly the main reason it was a success. You get a sense that you have some say over what happens in the player’s life, if on the other hand you had limited options I think the journey as a game mode would have been a flop.

Overall I do give it my stamp of approval, after playing FIFA since the original Xbox onwards I have to say its been a nice experience having something different. You might have been able to tell that this was just a personal perspective rather than a detailed review, this was mainly so I did not ruin anything, but for anyone who has not played yet, I definitely recommend it.

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