Stuck In The Midst Of Bejeweled Blitz?

Anyone who has a Facebook account or phone will have heard of Bejeweled in all its guises, from basic to blitz. Since 2000, it’s thought this beast of a game has consumed 10 billion hours of play by its 500 million users. That’s good going, even against top contenders like Angry birds.

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Yet, many people have a love hate relationship with Bejeweled. It’s one of those games that fast goes from fun to addiction. One minute, you’re dabbling in your free time. Then next, you’re signing on the moment you get out of work to have a quick pop at the next level. Not to mention that the Facebook announcements are enough to send many of us over the edge. Many a Bejeweled user has been blocked or unfriended for their invites to play.

The good news is, there are ways to put your addiction to good use. Whether you’re in recovery, or still stuck in the midst of Blitz, you can give something back with Bejeweled. Here’s how.

Make it sociable

As mentioned above, Bejeweled has spelt the end for a lot of fantastic friendships. In some cases, it even causes issues amongst spouses. It’s difficult to keep a connection with someone when they’re looking at their screen all the time!

But, to make amends, you could turn Bejeweled into a social affair. Even better, doing so will help get you away from the screen, and let you see the world again! Plus, you get to do so while playing your favorite game. What’s not to love?

Setting up a Bejeweled group shouldn’t be any trouble. Design a flyer, and stick it around local hotspots. It’s also worth posting on your local Facebook page. That’s where most Bejeweled fans are hiding, after all! Then, make a few nibbles, and let the team fun commence.

Make practical use of what you’ve learnt

Many of us despair our Bejeweled addictions because they seem like wasted time. And, as mentioned at the start, 10 billion hours of user’s time has gone down the drain. But, you can rid yourself of that helpless feeling by making practical use of what your play has taught you. Bejeweled is, in a lot of ways, a mind game. It gets you into the habit of solving problems fast, which can come in handy in your job, and day to day life.

Or, perhaps the money you’ve spent gets you down. In that case, you could win some back by visiting betting websites which offer the chance to play. This way, you get your daily fix and stand to see some reward at the end of it. It’s a fantastic way to overcome the guilt which accompanies your game.

Teach what you know

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Or, you could give something back by teaching new players the tactics you’ve learnt over the years. This will ensure they can get past those levels which trapped you for weeks on end. Hence, you’ll save them some time and sanity in the process!

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