Start up company wants to back up your brain

It might seem like an incredibly appealing offer however there is a catch, it will kill you.

The Startup nectome it’s planning to do just that, the premise of the startups idea is to preserve your brain and upload as much of you as I can even after a long time away from your physical body. On the website they state. What if we told you we could back up your mind?

On the surface of things the premise behind the Startup is fairly simple however in execution it is of course going to be much harder. Essentially the start-up will use a custom designed chemical solution that will allow them to preserve a body for hundreds of years.  The idea is to preserve the human brain in such a World Cup tomorrow that it will be able to keep your memories intact. However the second caveat is that this idea will only be successful if that while your body is perfectly preserved the technology is created to allow someone to download your memories and recreate your consciousness.

As of currently anyone who wishes to undergo the procedure and essentially preserve all of their memories will have to come to terms with the fact that the technique is 100% fatal. Due to the fact the company’s primary aim at the moment is to appeal two people who are in the process of choosing the end-of-life options meaning that most of the people trying this currently will be terminally ill patients.

The procedure also sounds to me to be quite scary. The patient would be put on a heart and lung machine and then would be put under general anaesthetic. What will then happen is they would have the startups chemical solution pumped into the large arteries in the neck what they would be alive for the start of the procedure that of course won’t last long once the solution has been administered.

Let us know what you think of this latest development in the comments below I love to hear your opinions and of course make sure you talk amongst yourselves and get some interesting debate going on.

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Written by Ryan Keenan


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