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Shocking Stats Show Avoidable Deaths in NHS Hospitals are Higher Than The US

You watch the news each evening and the events from around the world never cease to shock you. The most worrying topic whirling around the press at the moment is the state of healthcare in both England and America. It is no secret that more and more governments are trying to promote balanced diets, active lifestyles and a healthy body image. Although this all seems like a hugely important topic, there is an issue much more serious that needs to be acknowledged.

The healthcare systems in America and England are by no means perfect; they both have their flaws. However, they seem to have something in common and that is the relatively high number of wrongful deaths. Shockingly the UK has higher rates than the US, so it is appropriate to explore the reasons behind these unnecessary deaths and how people might want to deal with such a devastating occurrence.


The Facts

Many people are perplexed by the concept and are always asking the question, “what is wrongful death?” Wrongful death is when somebody loses their life due to negligence from healthcare teams or medics intentionally diagnose a patient with the wrong illness. There are many different kinds of wrongful deaths from cancer to meningitis, but the worrying figures are on the rise.

There are reports that NHS patients are almost fifty percent more likely to lose their life than patients in the United States of America. Research conducted over the course of ten years proves that death rates amongst the NHS are the worst out of several different developed countries. More people than ever are dying unnecessarily due to incorrect diagnosis or wrong medicines. Rates are being monitored more than ever so that thousands of patients can be saved from this kind of negligence.

Why is this Happening?

England are said to have worse health care amenities and are particularly struggling in areas such as cancer survival. The NHS also has longer waiting lists, there are fewer doctors on call during off peak times and there is a bed shortage in most of the major hospitals in the country. All of these things need to be cleared up before more people lose their lives due to lack of care.

Have You Been Affected?

If you have experienced this kind of negligence with your loved one, it will be understandably difficult to process. You can take legal action and explore your options in order to gain the closure you and your family deserve. More than one hundred million pounds has been paid out in the past two years to patients’ families who have lost their loved ones. Don’t be afraid to speak out if you think one of your family members has died due to lack of attention from your local healthcare system. Although nothing can replace the tragic loss, you will be able to seek some sort of justice in the end.

Let’s hope that these rising figures spark discussion amongst all governments and healthcare bodies all over the world. People deserve to be treated equally and nobody should lose their lives due to the negligence of healthcare workers or policies.

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Written by Ryan Keenan


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