Sadiq Khan’s views on free speech are worrying, And this is just the start

Many of you who live in the UK would buy now have come across articles relating to Sadiq Khan the Mayor of London views on the responsibility of social media companies and their role in preventing and censoring speech they see as hateful to other users. Many people would have liked his stance on coercion and almost bullying companies into adopting very strict hate speech and censorship of free speech rules, however, for me, they’re just outright worrying.

And I’m not the only one that says this point of view, all across the internet there are many people feeling very threatened by the possibility of increased free speech regulation. You see by the mayor of London taking this stance I feel he’s actually damaging the future of the city he supposed to represent. I think many share this opinion that a company has no real incentive of moving into a location or city where they have to regulate themselves so thoroughly. A lot of people see Sadiq Khan’s comments as giving an oppression to future start-up companies the London is essentially a no start-up zone.

If I’m honest one of my biggest quarrels with the hate speech debate on social media platforms is not whether or not a company should be blocking out hate speech is more along the lines of differentiating what speech is genuine hate and as a result and by definition potentially causing harm or inciting hatred on someone. As many on the right wing have been alluding to these laws can also be used to cancel out the right to have an opinion on social media. We’ve seen it time and time again that purely talking about a religion rather than individual people there for not isolating any particular person can result in accounts being banned and messages being blocked out.

Recent news might also suggest the companies are starting to take on some of the ideas that Sadiq Khan has been alluding to in is South by southwest speech. Free sample Facebook recently banned and deleted the Verified accounts of Britain First a right-wing group residing in the United Kingdom. Facebook has in the past cited to the group has on no occasion posted content the specifically crosses the borderline of their rules.

For me, the general fear is this type of regulation and attack on technology companies could be used in the future to censor opinions that are not in agreement with others, regardless of whether it causes insult or hate to someone, and for me, this is a very dangerous path to start going down. But I’d like to know what you think about this make sure you leave a comment below on your opinions about whether social media companies have a responsibility to ensure that users are not being threatened have also let me know whether you think right-wing online commentators should be allowed to express their opinion on religion for me it’s a no-brainer and if you’re not isolating an individual person I can’t see any issue with posting that kind of content.

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