Rode VideoMicro Review – Get Professional Camera Audio For a Budget Price

The Rode VideoMicro is great for the novice filmmaker. Screw it into the mount on the top of your DSLR and it provides fantastic crisp audio for your productions. it was initially a difficult decision for me to decide whether to get a relatively expensive Rode mic such as this or whether I should go for a cheap mic, as a beginner filmmaker it was a difficult decision as to whether the investment is worth it. here I’m going to give you my thoughts on it so far and go over the positive and the negative points about the microphone.

Whats good about the Rode VideoMicro

This microphone gives equal or superior sound to the Videomic Pro and saved me well over a hundred pounds in the process. When looking at the audio quality compared to the other microphones in the range it is a real competitor, if you want to check out what it sounds like in real life compared to a more expensive RODE microphone then heck out this video.

It also combines a dead cat and the new shock mount which you would normally look to find with more expensive kits and or the price these really bring the price to a screamer of a deal. The dead cat alone can run for £25 plus, therefore add on the mic and shock mount and you can realise how competitive the price is. The Deadcat and shock mount look to be made of good quality, the shock mount although built from plastic serves it purpose very well. The dead cat is the real winner here for me,

The small size of the microphone is great for the travelling filmmaker. The lack of the battery required really makes this an exceptional microphone as you don’t have to worry about the battery draining.

Rode VideoMicro Review

Whats bad about the Rode VideoMicro

The warranty is for only 2 years, compared to the Videomic Pro’s 10 years. However, I don’t think the target buyer for this product will use it or abuse it as much as one might with the other model so this may not be an issue.

This microphone sounds great with the dead cat, but without got to admit the audio quality takes a plunge, the quality can’t be equalised well at all. Leaving you with audio that is off

If you’re looking at this microphone you’ve most likely looked at the Videomic Go. All I can say is that looking at reviews and reading articles, the Videomic Go sounds awful in comparison – not to mention this model is cheaper, I mean all you have to really do is look for the comparison videos yourself and judge which of the microphones you think is best.


I can honestly say that this is the best place to start if you’re looking at producing video with high-quality audio without taking too much away in the money department.

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