Putin plans to have Russians on Mars by 2019

Recent developments involving Russia’s activity across the world starting to give an almost cold war feeling across the developed world. It has been revealed today that since 2014 Russia has conducted sustained attacks On American infrastructure such as power grids, and of course, if anyone’s been keeping up with the news it’s been well publicized that as of recently Russia has most likely attempted to kill a former Russian spy on British soil.

However now to Spice things up, even more, it seems as if Putin is also starting to stir up round two of the Space Race. It’s been reported that as well as Mars he also plans to send missions out to the moon and other manned missions into Deep Space.

If the 2019 target is as to be believed it will mean that Russia will be not only the first to the mars but there much earlier than the closest competitors which I currently SpaceX and NASA itself. The upcoming Russian mission was announced in a documentary uploaded to Russian social media. Putin had to say of the plans “will plan unmanned and later manned launches into Deep Space as part of a lunar program and for Mars exploration the closest mission is very soon we are planning to launch a mission to Mars in 2019 eye specialist will try landing near the Poles because there are Reasons To Expect water their there is research to be done there and from that research of other planets and outer space can be undertaken.

Unfortunately, as of yet, that is as much information has been revealed about the missions. However what we can say is that if these deadlines are made and the reality is a mission to Mars in 2019 it will definitely put Russia in the lead in terms of the modern space race.

However, there’s definitely prior evidence to suggest that Russia may not be able to make the mission as quickly as they have indicated. As recently as 2011 Russia launch to probe called Phobos grunt that was reportedly headed for Mars however instead I got trapped into the Earth’s orbit and as a result, fail into the Pacific Ocean.

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