Protecting Your Livelihood When You’re Not Around

Your home is your pride and joy, it’s the place you slink off to at the end of the day to relax, and the thought of it’s and your safety can be a scary thought to anyone, especially if you’re living alone. While the statistics for robbery and theft are on the decline (very gradually), you can never be too careful about safety within your home. Thieves are clever, and it’s unlikely that they will try and burgle a property without knowing everything about it beforehand. If you’re someone that’s at work at lot, or you’re constantly having to travel and your property is left empty, there are some steps that you can take to protect your home from robbery. Here’s how you can protect your livelihood when you’re not around.

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Ask a neighbour or friend

If you have a trusted person in your life that lives close, why not consider asking them to keep an eye on your property while you’re away. Ask them to go inside your home and check everything is in order so that you can be reassured everything is okay. Not only that, if thieves see someone always entering the property they will be less likely to attempt robbery at the chance of being caught.

Remember to hide all valuables before travelling so that you’re not inviting anyone directly into your home, and this should include anything you keep in your garden too.


The next step would be to buy CCTV systems and have them installed all around and inside of your property. If cameras are visible, and you put up notices that you are recording on your CCTV equipment, thieves are very much likely to be deterred. While many homes that do have CCTV still are burgled, they’re much less likely to be robbed than a home that doesn’t have any security cameras.

You may even be able to set it up so that you can check on your home while you’re travelling via a camera feed on your computer or laptop, for extra peace of mind.

Get someone to live in

Another option would be to ask someone to live in your home while you’re away. This is particularly effective if you’re away for large amounts of time because it will show that your property is never empty. Like with security cameras, you’re less likely to be robbed if you show that the property isn’t empty.

Other options would be security alarms that are set off without authorised access. These alert the local police who will follow this up with a home visit. Remember though, you may be fined if it’s a false alarm or forgotten code!

As you can see, it’s easy to protect your livelihood from thieves, even if you’re not at home very much. Consider these ideas today to keep you and your property safe!

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