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Nowadays, we have the world in our pockets thanks to smartphones and small tablet devices. These small pieces of technology hold so much potential for self-improvement. However, for some reason, the majority of us merely find ourselves wasting our time or procrastinating on them. We spend hours scrolling needlessly through social media feeds, reading pointless articles, or looking at memes on the Instagram explore page. What’s the point of this? It’s time to put these bad habits to rest and start using our phones for something a little more positive. One area that we could focus on is gaming. This sounds counterproductive. After all, we are taught from a young age that gaming is generally a waste of time. Parents, for example, nag their kids for spending too much time on games consoles and too little time on their schoolwork. However, believe it or not, many games can have extremely positive effects on our minds. They require all sorts of knowledge and skills to complete! So, here are a few different types of online games that you might want to try out. You’ll reap the benefits in next to no time!

Words With Friends

Okay, we’ll put her hands up and say it. Words with friends is essentially a mobile rip-off of Scrabble. You are faced with a virtual board and are given virtual tiles, each with a single letter on it. It’s up to you to create words from the random assortment of letters that you have been given, laying them down on the mat in a crossword fashion. Despite Words With Friends’ general lack of originality, it has proven to be the world’s most popular mobile word game. It originally jumped to success when it could be downloaded and played through the Facebook messenger app. This was a wise move that allowed anyone with a Facebook profile (which, let’s face it, is pretty much everyone with an internet connection) to play alongside their friends. As more people download and enjoy the game, the developers are adding more features to improve the user experience. They’ve nailed one of our main gripes from the original version: boredom while waiting for our friends to sign back in and continue play. Now, you can train alone, honing your skills against three different Wordmaster characters. Their complexity increases as you improve, meaning you will always have a challenge. 50,000 new words have also been recently added to keep in line with pop culture. So, whether you play Words With Friends casually as something to keep your mind ticking over with friends or more competitively, this is a brilliant option when it comes to working your mind and expanding your vocabulary.


While people may think that betting solely revolves around amassing money, they may be shocked to find that there are actually profound mental benefits of engaging in this sort of activity. First, you need to learn a lot of new information, as you grow used to knowing what different odds mean. You will also have to put your mathematical skills to the test, working out how much to lay down on individual odds and what you can gain from each result. So, if this sounds good, bear in mind that Royal Panda now offer betting on their website. Just remember that if you are playing with real money and not virtual cash, you need to be responsible. Never put down any sum that you can’t afford to lose, and when the fun stops, it’s time for you to sign out.

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Most people with a smartphone will have a version of Bejeweled download on it. The game presents the user with a screen filled with different coloured and shaped jewels in a grid format. The player then drags their finger to swap the order of the jewels. The aim of the game is to align three to five of the same coloured jewels in a row. When this happens, they will disappear, amassing points for the player and allow the jewels above to fall down a place. Once you achieve a given number of points, you can continue to the next level. Now this may sound simple in theory, but jewels can only be moved one space up, down, or to either side and they will only stay in place if they complete a row. As you advance, it will also become increasingly difficult to match similar jewels. Now, besides being entertaining, recent studies have also shown that playing Bejeweled sharpens your mental and cognitive abilities. Perfect!


Having won Apple’s App of the Year in 2014, it’s not surprising that Elevate has had so many downloads in the past couple of years. After all, anything that Apple gives a seal of approval is bound to be brilliant, right? For those who may be a little sceptical, just give it a try! As soon as you give it a try yourself, you’ll begin to see what the hype is about. Elevate is essentially a brain training app, offering users over forty different games that are specially designed to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence. It also works on basic skills such as maths, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. What’s more? It’s tailored to suit your individual needs. As you improve, the app tracks and charts your progress, allowing the programme to adjust itself to your skills. This truly is an app that grows with you! If you find that this app doesn’t quite suit your personal tastes and needs, don’t worry. There are alternative options out there. You could always try out Lumosity or Peak. These games work on a similar premise, but have different designs and place emphasis on different areas of personal development.

As you can see, gaming really isn’t a complete waste of time! In fact, it can vastly improve your mental skills and cognitive abilities. So, it’s time to start putting your smartphone to good use. Download and try out these different types of games yourself!

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