OnePlus 3T Review – The Best Phone On The Market ?

I’ve had the oneplus 3T now for around a week. It’s admittedly been a while since I’ve used an android phone as my daily driver. I’ve kind of feel fro iPhone for the last few years and as a result forgot all the brilliant benefits you get when your running android. So my review here my be a bit enthusiastic about areas that really aren’t that new, but trust me, it’s only because ive been accustomed to using IOS devices.


So the first area I want to cover is the aesthetics. So there is of course no difference over the original one plus 3. You still get the full metal enclosures deisign. And I have to say I was not expecting it to feel so well built. In my opinion it far surpasses any of the iPhones and pretty much every other device on the market. All of the button follow suit and are made to a really nice standard. The silent mode switch is a perfect example of this. However one fault I have with this full metal device is although the asthetics are brilliant they do come at the cost of the device being extremely slippery.  for me this was easily solved with a case by spigen, but it is just something I had to mention.


So next I’m going to talk about general performance. I’m not going to cover specifics, instead my general view and how it has been for me personally. So for the price you really can’t get much better. I’ll list the specifics below but as you can imagine it’s pretty much top of the mobile market at a substantially lower cost. Now the question you are probably all asking is how does this translate into actual general use. Well firstly I can tell you that the multitasking has been the best I’ve experienced on any device. You can have a load of apps running in the background and switch between them with absolute ease. If you feel like taking it one step further you can also turn off all of the animations. This makes the oneplus 3T lighting quick. Games run silky smooth and you’ll be hard pressed to find something in the play store to challenge it.


Now onto the camera. For me the camera is not necessarily the most important thing on the device. But with the brilliant device cameras out there already, you need to have a decent camera. With a 16mp sensor this over delivers in terms of stills. For me they are perfectly balanced and incredibly detailed. When it comes to video, it’s a similar story you get all of the same features and quality you expect now on flagship devices. They have fixed the shaky image stabilisation and with that covered I would say it’s pretty much perfect now. Crisp and sharp video, it can’t really get much better on a mobile device.

Operating System

Now onto the interface. Oxygen OS has become my favourite interface yet. So fluid, simple and it just gets the job done so effortlessly. I for once did not find the need to install any kind of third party launchers.

Overall this has been my favourite android phone so far. Just excellent build quality, amazing specs that put other more expensive flagships to shame and all of the added perks of having a simple and effective OS. I really couldn’t have asked for more from the OnePlus 3T.

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