Could we be living a virtual reality simulation ?

Life is virtual reality simulation

For as long as I can remember people have speculated about the meaning of life, what it means and why are we living. It sounds fairly depressing however it is a good question that as we will cover in this post has gotten a surprising amount of engagement with some of the biggest figures in the world.

A theory that sprung out at me lately was that we were living within a virtual reality, this entails that we are living in a computer simulation and therefore everything around us and everything that happens in the world we think is real is actually a simulated environment. I know to most of you this sound like absolute mayhem and for many represents a washed up theory, however hear me out, there’s some real science behind this that might just make you a believer.

How does it work

As theorized originally by Nick Bostrom he theorised that if such a simulation were created at any point in the universe’s history, then we’re almost certainly in one now. This is something that many would have never considered before, how the future pans out could in fact determine what the reality is for us now.

However, the original theory aside one of the more interesting and astounding people to join the list of people supporting the virtual reality theory is Elon Musk, the tech giant has actually come out and said in many interviews that the chances we’re not uploads in a virtual world are billions to one against. It’s easy to laugh this off. If life is a massive multiplayer online game, how come it’s the only one that never freezes?

The fascination only grows once one of the leading and pioneering tech geniuses comes out and supports such a out there theory. Its certainly weird to think that the life we are living seems so real to us because the technology has developed to a level that imitates reality. To further fuel my interest in this theory it was actually featured in one of my personal favourite comedy animated shows Rick And Morty.

The scene shows Morty entering a simulator in a what seems to be galactic Arcade, Before he knows it the helmet is on and he slips into the virtual reality machine, he starts by waking up as a young child, this then shows him going through school, getting married, dealing with life issues and everything in between. Its kind of heart warming, in the reality he builds his own life, having kids of his own and generally living what we would consider a life. It ends by him falling and subquentley dying, at which point he exists the simulator and snaps back into the reality they’re in when he sat down at the simulator.

To Morty he had just lived a full life and upon exiting he simulator you can imagine he was very confused, he had lived for 58 years as the [character] he believed he was living, And that made me sit back in my seat and think just like Morty in the simulator he had experienced life that was extremely realistic, it wasn’t sugar coated, he got cancer, got stuck in a dead end job and it has to be said didn’t particularly enjoy it.  And it makes you think just like the simulator on the show would there be a way to know if we were in one ourselves. The realism is so high that there would be no real sure-fire way of know if it was fake or real.

It’d be interesting to get a response from you guys telling us what you think about this theory, for such a big name technology pioneer to come out and say that it is almost certain it has to be at least considered.

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