Whats up guys this is Ryan and welcome to a new article, So today I want to talk about Jake Paul, basically this is trending everywhere if you look at some of the top searches and looking at even maybe keemstar who’s even himself gaining from the fact that Jake Paul is daily vlogging, you know from all the controversy that’s probably one of the main reasons he’s become popular is he’s actually made it into the mainstream news and once you get there you’re expanding further than the Internet and you’re definitely bringing more people in but. There’s a lot surrounding the Jake Paul situation that I don’t necessarily understand really as there’s a lot of people that are really surprised, annoyed, probably jealous and there’s a hell of a lot of copycats because essentially what it seems like is Jake Paul has really set the benchmark for how a daily vlogger can achieve success I mean if you look at his social blade stats I know it’s not one hundred percent to go off but he is easily earning upwards of forty thirty forty thousand pounds a day bringing him you know easily 15 million views a day is quite staggering he’s got the second channel so he’s definitely doing something right.

Why are people confused with Jake Pauls Success

And I see a lot of people currently confused as to why he’s become so popular and I really don’t find it that confusing if you look at it on the face of it, so he uploads every single day at the same time, that’s one of the the first things a daily vlogger has to do is upload at the same time every day, the audience is always going to come back there if you look at if you actually watch his blogs as much as I’m not in his I guess watch I don’t watch him every day I’m not even a fan it’s more like I’ve watched it out of pure curiosity from what’s going around on the Internet and they’re not actually that dull if you compare him to some other daily vloggers he you get the essence there he’s not necessarily pitting on he you get the essence that he’s actually living an interesting life rather than super imposing and interesting life just for the vlog which I guess is one of his keys to success the whole fact that he made the news is because he lives in that house with a lot of other video makers and you know they have been causing a lot of noise and you know doing a lot of stuff of videos and that’s going to attract attention because it’s in a neighborhood that’s not used to people being jumping off 15 20 foot slides in the back garden setting fires balls but if you actually watch the vlog view you probably realize that they’re not dull that every single minute of his vlogs are legitimately interesting I guess you could say I make maybe not necessarily for me and I can understand how audiences wouldn’t find that interesting and others would but when you compare himself of vloggers you know it’s much better, it really it keeps people engaged much more.

How Jake Paul Is Revolutionising the Vlogging Game

if you look at the videos the whole social tags that he adds to people is like another thing that I think he might have even been pioneering I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone else use those tags before I’m not entirely I mean if you saw wants to correct me in the comments um whatever platform you’re on then you can but I don’t think anyone’s actually introduced those tags before because when someone comes on camera he’ll hit the tag with the Instagram handle or I guess actually whatever social media they are using and since he’s actually introduced that I’ve seen other vloggers I mean I’m not so really going to call their names out on here but there is a vlogger I watch every single day and you do get the essence that he’s realized how engaged an audience jake paul has and he’s now trying to use some of those elements ,he’s recently started adding you know in the last vlog adding the social tags to anyone that’s important in his vlog.

Adding Narration To The Videos

Another thing which I forgot to mention is the way the Jay Paul narrates the vlog the way he sort of structured the whole vlog is, he will be in a single location at the end of the day and narrate over all of his clips and it I guess for some people actually makes the vlog easier to understand I don’t know if if that’s true or it doesn’t really do anything for me but I can understand how for some people that might make it a bit easier to understand and like I said this vlog that I follow himself has started introducing like a new way of doing it so he’s now narrating over his vlog at the end and just showing the clips which I don’t think it’s a bad thing that other vloggers are taking his style and introducing it into their own I mean why wouldn’t a vlogger want have really engaged a really engaged audience that’s coming back every day and he the audience he’s bringing in is is incredible really I mean I think he’s on the path to reach 12 million subs within a year so he will definitely be the first one to do that and another thing is like 15 million views a day and each vlog is easily getting 5 million views

it is staggering so he’s definitely doing something right which which comes back to the point that I can’t understand why people on understanding why he’s doing well yeah that’s pretty much my sort of view on it really I mean I know this is going around a lot and I’d like to see sort of how it transpires and what he’s gonna maybe do as a result I don’t think he’s going to keep up maybe like daily vlogging all the time I’m not entirely sure I mean I don’t think the current success he’s having can last forever I think he’s definitely had a boost from being on the news and I mean once you’ve made it on once you make it on to mainstream news I mean it’s happened to sort of other YouTube videos it you can turn some in from just being sort of YouTube viral to literally going around the world and so definitely think he’s feeling the effects of that and and I mean even if you if you look at it he does get hate but the pure amount of fans he has a lot of time blocks out say I mean it’s just crazy I know what like adding on to that sort of you know talking more about his revenue streams he’s still got like merchandise which people that we have people are going crazy over and I think if you look at his brother Logan Paul more you realize that the merchandise is sort of mentioned in every single one of their vlogs, it’s just like when you look at the surface of the vlogs that it really is a brilliant way of doing it.

Why I Respect The Success That Jake Paul is Achieving

I don’t necessarily sort of like them as a person with what they’re doing in terms of using that social network as you know YouTube they’re definitely doing something right and it’s an interesting thing to say means what vlogging as a whole was in sort of a stalemate really at the moment I mean up until the you know this two sort of I guess became sort of big in the news and across the world I mean vloggers would just sort of all follow the same trend of just literally sticking to their everyday stuff you know clip by clip and you know new elements, so he’s narrating, he’s adding the social Clips. I mean as much as people hate it, he is really being quite original it is crazy to say but he’s being really unique in the way that he’s blogging and I can’t I can’t fault him for that because anyone he’s being or has sort of changed up their field or made it me made a unique way to do it is brilliant and especially with daily vlogging because no one has done that yet and really easy I guess the first one Thea I mean thanks for watching this little audio section of the podcast I guess it was just covering something that sort of I was going to write down in an article and may still but fitting into audio form I’m you know this was a like a really quick sort of audio I literally just sat down and I was either going to write the article or did the audio and I decided to do the audio so yeah thanks to sort of listening to this if like you have any views on it you know let me know in the comments do you think which out Paul is doing is right and what just generally what are your views after hearing what I’ve said and yeah thanks for watching and I guess we’ll see you in the next podcast

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