How To Optimise Your Browsing Experience With Extensions

Just about all web browsers have extensions of some sort; these are small installable features that allow you to do something within your browser that you wouldn’t have been able to do before. One of the biggest stand out stores of these extensions is google chrome. It has literally thousand of extensions that you can add to your browser. In this post we’re going to look at some of the key areas that extensions can help out with your browsing experience.

Taking Notes

This is something that I use every day, as a student it makes it much easy to do everything on a computer rather than switching from paper to digital and vice versa. Therefore there are actions that I use to make this process much easier, one I have recently found is called GistNote. This allows you to highlight a piece of text and effectively save it as a note. This means that anyone on the web you can take easy, straightforward and efficient notes. This saves me a lot of time in the long run, often finding myself having to take notes on paper and transfer them across to a computer in the future. The ability to do this within any web page also means that you save yourself a lot of time printing documents out to highlight when you can just do it on the PDF itself.

Other than that there are plenty of others out there that look to give you similar results, for example, Evernote gives you something very similar however searching around you are sure to find something that fits your need in the notetaking department.


save on your shopping

Saving on your online shopping is something that I didn’t even know before that you could do. One of the cool extensions that I’ve found along the way to allow you to do this is called honey. What this does is something very smart that I’m sure everyone would have found useful at some point in the past. As you shop and go to the checkout area of your basket, there is almost always a coupon code or discount code area. What Honey does is a search for default codes that work on the site, once it has found a working code you can insert that into the area and get the discount it prescribes. Therefore you can very often get up to 10% of a shop that would have otherwise had no discount attached. There aren’t any better alternatives that I have personally found other than honey; it seems to have the most up to date codes that work the most often so I would say that is the main one in its field.



Messaging within the browser is something that you might have thought would bet at all helpful. In fact, many of you would probably see as counterproductive, however, on the contrary, it deflects you away from picking up your phone, and I don’t know about anyone else, but once you pick up your phone, you find yourself going into other applications very quickly. There are a few out there and depending on what device you have it is worth searching around. However, one that many use is PushBullet. This connects with your Android phones messaging and allows them to come through the browser when you receive a new message. I know relatively simple but what it means as I stated before is you are much more attached to the screen if you are working.


transform your browsing experience

Something that I’ve always liked to do with pretty much everything I’ve owned or used is customise it. Luckily within the Chrome extensions, this is no problem. There are a vast array of apps that allow you to change the way your Chrome browser looks and even some websites such as Facebook. One that I’ve come across recently is an extension called Darkness. And I don’t don’t about you guys, but I’ve been looking for something like this for such a long time, effectively what it does is change the skin of your browser while your on google to a dark black and contrast theme; it also does this on facebook and a couple of other big sites. Again it’s something that not everyone is going to like, but for me it makes the browser look much better.

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