GoPro HERO 5 Session Review – Excellent Performance In A Smaller Package


I love this product and use it very often. It is one of my favourite cameras in the GoPro department. When compared to my first GoPro (The GoPro Hero +) it is a massive step up and offers some excellent points along the way.

I tend to use the session more than my GoPro Hero +; it’s just smaller, faster and more convenient. It’s perfect for mounting on my road bike. It sits perfectly on there without being too visibly or heavy. The LCD info screen being on top of the device is handy, and it lights up too – easy to use and convenient. Nevertheless, I’m not going to sit here and say that it beats having a full-screen LCD it just doesn’t give you the kind of control that you get on the full-size GoPro cameras. However, you do have the phone app which allows you to take full control of the camera’s settings and I find that for the most part, I end up using the app with my full-size GoPro cameras too.

GoPro HERO 5 Session ruggedness

It feels like a quality bit of kit, and I’ve dropped mine a few times now without any damage. GoPro has always been good in the sense that they don’t just say there cameras can take a beating

I’ve seen the pictures of smashed screens on Google but come on; everything WILL break ultimately if you’re an idiot with it. However trust me these things can take a hell of a beating so don’t go easy on it.

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GoPro HERO 5 Session Battery

The battery is not removable but charges quite quickly if you plug it into a mains charger. I found I could record (at 1080p) continuously for a few over 90 minutes on one charge. I also got about 150 minutes doing a time-lapse (2-second interval) recording. You can run it and record using an external battery pack but, of course, this is done with the door open so it loses its essential waterproof-ness.

– The quality of the video is not the best
(This is ok because for the price they offer you can still get away with a stunning video)

I would suggest this GoPro to anyone that has a little extra cash to spend on a very neat gadget that can be used to film almost everything. It is not the best GoPro (in my opinion), but it is the one that is good quality at the most reasonable price.

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