Google trying ‘suggested clip’ in search results where video jumps directly to the answer

Many have spotted a brand new Google test where an embedded video is shown by Google near the top of the research results that jumps straight to a portion of the movie, a special start time inside the video when you click play. The characteristic is apparently named “ clip that is suggested and it’s possible to activate these for how-to-type queries.

As with all Google tests, I had been in a position to duplicate this feature last night, but I’m unable to duplicate it anymore as of this morning.

The worst part of video responses is waiting for the one who made the video before you’re able to view the video, to complete his opening to the video. This “suggested the opening is skipped by clip” and jumps right to the portion of the video with the answer.

It’s more difficult to view video responses in the research results than it was before Google started exhibiting the text-based snippets. However, you still can trigger some video answers in Google.

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