How To Get Steady And Pro Video Footage

Getting steady crisp video footage is one of the hardest things to achieve for the budding starter filmmaker. Professional stabilising systems usually come in at hundreds if not thousand of pounds and until filmmaking becomes your full-time job are usually something you can afford.  However, in this post, I’m going to show you How To Get Steady And Crisp Video Footage for well under £50.

The product in question is the Koolertron stabiliser. It’s a fairly simple system and you have probably seen a couple of them floating around from other companies such as neewer, however, this is the only one I’ve had the experience of trying.

Set Up

The first step that you are faced with when you buy the stabiliser is how to set it up. Now I have o say the process of setting it up is fairly tedious and really depends on what sort of system you are using with the stabiliser. There is an included DVD, however, i have found that this does not make the process that much easier. On top of that, you really need to master how to use it, it’s not as simple as just taking it out of the box and getting Hollywood level steady video. It has a fairly long learning curve that will require you to master a variety of small techniques

So what I will do instead is provide you with a few youtube videos that I have found that really helped me out personally. You can see these above.  They went through the process of both setting it up, configuring it to the camera that you’re using and then finally the techniques to actually using the device.

Build Quality

The first part I want to cover is the build quality. Now I have to say the build Quality on the Koolertron Stabiliser is excellent. The whole system is built with by the looks of it metal. However, there are a few plastic parts, for example, some adjustment screws. However, after already having it a week, i have to say they don’t show any sign of wearing away or breaking, so i don’t really see them as much of an issue. The quick release plate is also made of full metal which is something I really did not expect for the price point.

Ease Of Use

Now onto ease of use. As we mentioned above this is not only hard to actually set up but to use the product there is a learning curve to it and it’s definitely not going t be something you will master within a few weeks. Now that’s not so much as a complaint as it is a statement. The reason it takes that long to master is because it’s a hard thing to achieve, getting stable footage isn’t something that you can achieve in a matter of weeks. However let me say this, stay persistent and it will pay off in the long run and you will definitely use it to your advantage in the future.

Koolertron Stabliser Review

Final Results

Now onto the results, how does the Koolertron stabiliser actually perform? Well as I covered above, take it out of the box and slap a DSLR on there and you’re going to have fairly shoddy video. However, once you get the hang of using the stabiliser and you’ve got into the flow of handling it then you will be pleasantly surprised with how good the final products that can be achieved. Stay tuned for some of our own footage in the coming weeks and months.


So overall for the price I see the Koolertron stabiliser as an essential piece of kit for any filmmaker out there. And is a great first step to learning new camera techniques that will help you down the line.

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