From Human to Cyborg in the Next Decade?

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Not only are more of us using technology more than we ever have done in the past, but we’re increasingly integrating tech into our body too. Elon Musk was pretty much on the button when he said we’re already cyborgs. I mean, most of us are permanently attached to our smartphones; lots of us have pacemakers and steel rods keeping us propped up and alive; some of us even have chips embedded in our bodies so that we can pay for stuff and enter our buildings without the need for a wallet or key!

Of course, we’ve always hacked out bodies whether by surgery or using enhancement substances like steroids, which as you can see by looking at is hardly unique, but now, well we are creating technologies that are so far advanced that we could potentially be more cyborg than human in the not so distant future.

Don’t believe it could happen, check out these personal-enhancement technologies that are set to become common in the next decade:

RFID Chips

As we mentioned above, some early adopters have already had chips implanted in their bodies for various reasons, and a lot of us routinely chip our pets, but it’s still a relatively specialist pursuit. That is set to change in the not so distant future when we’ll all be replacing the chips in our contactless cards with the chips in out hands.


As you can see at car company, Hyundai has already created a robotic exoskeleton which could basically turn us all into reverse terminators! I mean Arnie’s character was basically a robot covered in skin and this amazing invention would make us the opposite, right?

On a more serious note, this, and any other exoskeletons which come along, could transform the lives of the disabled, enabling them to walk around without the need for wheelchairs and such. Of course, when we reach the point, and we will, that exoskeletons are thinner, lighter and basically like a second skin, which could easily happen in the next decade, it could make us all practically invincible! There is no doubt that various militaries are looking at this tech right now.

Instant language Translators

We’ve had real-time language translators for a little while now, but they haven’t exactly been perfect to the point where you can effortlessly hold a conversation in an unknown language. However, thanks to advances in machine learning, they are getting better all the time and it is only a matter of time before we’ll be able to talk to anyone, anytime anywhere without effort.

Computer-Brain Interfaces

This one might seem a little bit too science fiction even for the 2020s, but mark my words it is coming. It’s already possible for us to control wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs and even drones with our minds, so it’s, not too much of a stretch to suggest that we could use our thoughts to control, well pretty much everything., Both Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk think that it’s possible, and Elon is even working on it,  so who are we to argue with them? The future is coming and it is robotic!

What do you think about human enhancement through technology?

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Written by Ryan Keenan


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