To start off I would like to address something. Anyone who talks in definitive terms about what will happen after the referendum, whatever side they are on, are talking bullshit. This is an unprecedented event, so all anyone has to go on are educated guesses, stereotypes, and personal beliefs. Sorry, personal gripe. So, personally, my main reason for wanting to stay in the EU is that it represents stability for Europe – indeed since 1951 the ECSC(which turned into what we now know as the EU) has provided a stability unknown in Europe, with only a few minor conflicts occurring since (compared to major wars before). If the EU is to fail, which I am convinced it will unless we remain and fight to fix and change it, then it will allow instability to seep back into the region through the large amounts of Nationalism prevalent in many European countries.

Not only would this cause huge security risks because of our membership with NATO linking us to European disputes, but also it could see a further breakdown in economies which are important to us – no matter how many “Trade deals” we sign. For the last 102 years we’ve shared a history with Europe of war and suffering and by leaving we would be giving up our ability to prevent a return to those conditions, being only able to deal with the consequences. Also, not all EU regulations are bad for the country. Environmentally, for instance, EU Nature Directives have provided the highest level of protection to vulnerable habitats and species for the past 30 years. If we leave there is no guarantee of these being continued by our government – which has already shown a disregard to maintaining our countries natural habitats.

I also have a problem with the empire mentality I see behind arguments from the vote leave side, that we are still as relevant a country as we were when we had an empire. We matter more on a global scale as part of the European collective than as an individual nation, smaller in size than Guinea, with a half decent industrial sector and a military spread thinly over several continents. It is hard to provide in-depth arguments on staying in the EU within 500 words, yet I would never want anyone to be swayed simply by what is in this article. With such a heavy press coverage, facts and figures being tossed around like tennis balls, it is more important than ever to research and decide for yourself. I would rather see this piece as a springboard from which you can research the issues affecting you, come to the conclusion as to whether they will be pro or negatively affected by leaving the EU and decide – Please do not decide solely on economics. The EU is in no way perfect but if we stay in we can work to make it better, if we leave we condemn our future to the ability of EU bureaucrats to change to meet the times.

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