Cosmic Rays Have Left Earth’s Magnetic Shield Weakened

Earth’s magnetic shield is weakening

The magnetic shield surrounding earth is the real protector for earth, shielding us from the continuous flow of solar and galactic cosmic rays, thus protecting life on our planet from these high intensity energetic radiations coming from the sun and space in general. If these happened to reach Earth with their full potential they would likely wreak havoc on our environment, atmosphere and the overall climate of Earth. Another major affect would be an increase of EMP bursts reaching earth with enough power to severely impact our technology.

Solar Flare Ejecting From The Sun

The technology that managed to find the leak in our magnetic field is the GRAPES-3 muon telescope in Ooty.  What it managed to find is a significant spike in cosmic ray levels, showing that earth’s magnetic shield may have been weekend by this massive burst. This was first discovered back in June 2015, however it has taken more than a year for a full report of the incident to be drawn up, the study published in Physical Review Letters gives a full analysis of the incident showing us all the important data.

 The strike that managed to penetrate through the earth’s atmosphere looks to have lasted for around 2 hours in which time it managed to shrink the earths magnetosphere from 11 times to four times the Earth’s radius. Our layer of protection from spaces deadly radiation has now been massively shrunk.

As well as the solar winds shrinking the earth’s atmosphere it’s also reported a sever magnetic storm brought down radio signals towards the norther regions of earth as well as magnificent northern light displays. The worry for many in their respective fields is now that earth will become much more prone to solar storms that were experienced on such a high scale here. To show that radiation from the sun can have an impact on earth all you have to look at is the increasing incidences of pilots flying at high altitude developing cancer.


For the future, what does this mean you might ask. Well this might be the first sign that these solar storms can do damage to us, although this was a big blast from the sun it’s not something that can’t happen again and most importantly it’s not as bad as it can get. It does pose the question of how much our earth can take, everyone’s read the stories of a super ejection of energy from the sun knocking out all our electrical systems, sending us back a thousand years, you could be experiencing the first signs that it is an inevitability for the future.

All in all, we can do is hope for the best, without being able to control how the sun works, yet, so for us it’s a case of just studying and hoping for the best. So, what do you guys thinks, does this shows that the earth truly is fragile and that we may have an inevitable scary future, or is this a freak event that doesn’t pose any threat to earth in the future.

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