Charlottesville Protests (What Happened And Why) | North Korea Escalation | AnySource Podcast #1


what is good guys welcome back to the any source podcast the date is the 17th of August 2017 and we’re going to cover a couple of topics today that have been either trending the news or something that’s just come – interest of me so yeah let’s get into this so the topic I really want to cover in today’s podcast is going to be around around an hour long so we’re not just going to sort of cover one direct area but it’s the I mean most of you will know about this but these charlotte’s feel I’m gonna call it situation it was Charlotte feel protests and then protests on the protests so I just I really wanted to give my opinion on a lot of people have given their opinion there’s no I mean you’re going to thought you’re going to find it hard to accept the facts because the facts aren’t always nice but let’s like look at this on a on a reasonable level or tried to so essentially how this starts is you’ve got white supremists obviously protesting about the the taking down of a statue can’t recall to mind exactly what the statue is I know it was a Civil War general and it’s definitely been up for a while as far as I know it’s definitely been out for a while anyway so pretty much you’ve got on one side you’ve got white supremists who well not just white supremacist I guess you could also say there was a lot of all right there a lot of them I guess they could just call themselves Patriots people that were obviously proud of the the general in in the statue and then it’s it’s interesting what happened I guess around it because you’ve got on the one side of the sleeves like I’ve said the old I’m just going to call them the alright and the white nationalist for now and that’s pretty much the bulk of what made up the protest group on their side so as far as I know they were trying for quite a while to to actually get the permit to be to be read of a protesting and obviously when you’re congregating there’s a large large group of people and they know that there’s going to be counter protests because your message or the reason you’re protesting is quite controversial I guess it was a good way to describe it it’s pretty much definite that you’re going to have a counter protest to that so there was obviously there was obviously a lot of debate as to whether it whether they wanted it to go on and for the most part if I’m I mean if you look for the most part the the old right and Patriots protests in America for the most part been violence free on their own part obviously this is a massive massive exception in the case that it’s it’s really been I don’t know what you would call it I would probably say is terrorism but I think the correct term would probably domestic terrorism I’m not entirely sure but it was definitely a ramp up for someone on their side to you know do such a such a horrible thing for the could because for the most part their their group has been told that group of people have been there fairly violence free but obviously you’ve got to understand that the message or what they’re protesting about other whole ethos is obviously quite controversial I mean this is the thing so we’ll go into in a second I mean I’m still I’m going to I’m just going to cover off sort of what happened so basically that’s and so basically we all right and and the white nurses have got they’re coming to protest there and they’ve got a date their time we already know there’s going to be counter protests there so the day comes obviously an Tifa show up I mean they they’re always in bigger numbers I’m not going to deny this but there was probably a lot of people just purely protesting in Charlottesville who were part of an Tifa but there’s definitely rumors that they do ship people in and increase the numbers to make more of a statement which I mean it’s the way they do things I’m not going to I’m not going to get into that too much but essentially the the response of a van t42 because obviously you had speakers there the you’ve got a I think it I think is Richard Spencer I think that’s pretty much his name yeah because I’m he’s obviously been attacked before and every time he is somewhere violence obviously seems to to follow him so I mean the fact that he was one of the main speakers down I’m sure already worried a lot of the the people that gave the go-ahead for the protest in general but essentially antica show up massive numbers as usual but you know as it always is violence comes with it and there was a lot going on but essentially the the white nationalists and the the Patriots and the all right who had their permit were pretty much pushed off because of the situation was you know reaching boiling point people were frying stuff it’s pretty difficult for the police to handle a crowd control situation in general but when you’ve got that you know the numbers and and you know don’t get me wrong they’re definitely organized as well a lot of people would mistake them for just only they show up as a rabble they definitely know what they’re doing they definitely know where to go they’ve got it planned out it’s obviously a very organized movement berm Co the the the what you ended up seeing was the all tried pretty much retreating there’s no other way around it they I think they were actually they were actually told by the police to to leave I think that’s pretty much the official statement but either way they were seen leaving and yeah I mean it was getting quite violent they had to leave I don’t think they ended up getting much of the speeches out of the way I think it would have got a whole lot worse if you know people like Richard Spencer were doing full-on speeches I know that he had a little bit of a platform because he was definitely rushed off you know much quicker I think he he he must have been speaking at the time when they start to kick off but I’m not entirely sure so yeah that pretty much covers what happened and then obviously you’ve got antifreeze still in the street they’re still protesting even would be alright pretty much gone or all going and you’ve got antifreeze universe’s out on the street and still protesting and that’s when you had obviously the horrible incident where the the the guy sort of run through the you know the largest group I guess you could say of anti-fur they were walking through the streets and he literally he just rammed through everyone and there’s videos everywhere that you can see and it was pretty horrific to see obviously you know people literally flying up in the air and it was a yeah it was definitely a that was quite a shocking video I know I know it’s place Goldie from rebel media was there and I think she had a live stream going at the time and you could definitely say that she’s right-wing media and you know obviously shocked her quite a bit as well and yeah it was um it was definitely definitely our win Siddhant you know and you see this car and he drives back away you know he’s trying to leave the scene or whatever and yeah obviously the thing is we were left is there the stuck in an awkward position because they obviously you know blame a lot of the right for being bigoted and racist if they if they assume when there’s a terrorist attack anywhere else in the world or or I mean specifically in the UK I guess a lot of our terrorist attacks obviously the mainstream news Dan Davis but a lot of these are string off more select news groups will obviously kind of name or pin a profile to someone and [Music] essentially that’s what they did here and and the irony is that they obviously to test the immediate profiling of Muslims when when there’s a terrorist attack are in the UK or just generally anywhere but in this case they obviously you know as quickly as you could imagine pinned it to I want an ass sisal I think in this case she but you can’t really you can’t really that the the the fact is the whole day was around an event and they’d already been violence and it’s not really the same when there’s a terrorist attack in the UK there’s not you know big events or yeah they tend to be sort of you know you know remote or selected or they don’t really happen when protests to happen so I can understand why they wouldn’t you know immediately do that there’s just something I picked up on the very quick to to spot you know spot that person out but and yeah I think so I think it was something like nineteen wintered from that obviously someone unfortunately passed away but that really set the tone I guess for the whole photo the thing is how I see the protests is it was it was an authorized protest by the old right the white nationalists and the Patriots you know it was an organized protest for them to be there and I think I think the best way to describe it is it was a it was a violent response to controversial views but the thing I don’t get about this is if you’re going to stop them from thinking those views in the first place you’ve got to take away the First Amendment because they they’re allowed to think those views I mean the general reason they were there I don’t even think is super controversial you know taking away a statue I think they they see it as taking away part of their their heritage and obviously auntie fur you know don’t want part of that heritage in America anymore is it wasn’t a particularly unusual thing to happened on both sides so I can understand why both of them would be angry I guess I guess you could say angry but um so yeah that was pretty much well – I mean the best way I could describe it like I was just getting one – that was a a it was a it was an organized for the most part I’d say at the start peaceful protests by the all right white wine ashes etc it was obviously a violent response by antifa there’s no denying though it was a you know they do it everywhere and a lot of them are being you know described as sort of left wing terrorist groups because I’ve not seen an t forego about doing anything in the world in a peaceful fallout way and it would be interesting to see if they ever did take up that approach because I think they had to get there they’d get much further in what their what they’re trying to do I guess you could say if they just took a calmer approach about it but you know we move on then to statistically I’m sorry it was a yeah it was a violent response to something that was quite controversial and in their eyes completely wrong being moving on it’s obviously the the Trump response obviously to the whole to the whole protest and I mean I’ve had a lot of discussions I think the the friends that I talk to a lot of our discussions and more sort of debates and sometimes even arguments if you can get on to having a really opposite opposite view deity friend but you know talking about how to applied it because the initial response he came out with was um that was the both sides were to blame which at first I was like you know that’s not a completely horrible thing to say the violence definitely started with auntie fur I mean they might use they might use the excuse that what the you know what what the white nationalists were there and you know the Patriots and alright were therefore was wrong but that doesn’t under the law in America that doesn’t constitute you causing a more burn and trying to stop them from speaking that’s that’s pretty much fascism yourself and you’re you’re supposed to be against I again if an Tifa took a more reasonable approach and just just fought about what they were doing I definitely think they’d get further but yes a Donald Trump you know obviously he had an initial response which was a it’s horrible to see both sides violence from both sides and he was really you know slandered for that I’m quite honest like the the response from the general public and definitely some of my friends was the I mean I had a friend a very close friend actually that was we were discussing before about you know Chum coming to the UK and people and that many people plan to protest that he really can’t and he’s first response to obviously what Trump said from Charlottesville wisdom that’s the reason I’m going to protest him when he comes here and I’m you know initially I was like you know what what are you talking about and it’s not a good a good way to think about it because it I don’t think what he said was was completely wrong at the time and obviously they were horrified I can partly understand they were horrified because they’re just witnessed over so you know someone from the white nationalist scale running running down a large group of people obviously he he killed one but I wouldn’t be surprised if his intent was to definitely kill and injure a hell of a lot more it was a very very sinister attack via the the response initially from Trump was that he was you know horrified by the the the fight and stuff from from both sides berm I think I mean that sort of you know from then on its snowboard into becoming more specific and I remember think it must have been a day after for a couple of hours the the official White House daemon was you know condemning white nationalist groups is identitarian movements and you know from that I was he talking to my mate and you know we always having discussions about politics and them you know but still wasn’t good enough for him yes it’s a common theme really that I don’t I genuinely don’t think Tom can do anything right in their eyes there’s always a reason to say you know you’re mine I obviously said that um the you know the White House press conference or White House statement wasn’t exactly what Trump was thinking and you know why ste has a bit of a point you have to you have to take that as what he really meant he he I I don’t really know if he genuinely meant what he said initially or if it was misconstrued because the example wipe it through to my friend was that it’s probably been misconstrued to or not misconstrued but he has to this is the thing he has to condemn violence from left-wing groups who are taking what they deem is the law into their own hands to fight Trump basically and that’s just not right you can’t you can’t you can’t take the law into your own hands to to get what you want sorry about that there the microphone just so fell a little bit but yeah so you can’t take the the law into your own hands to do what you think is right and if he was to not condemn both sides he’s there for betraying everyone on the other side that feels that you know and he thought were the ones that started the violence and in their eyes then he’s not condemning a violent group which is a very dangerous thing to do if you’re not condemning a violent group and you’ve got a lot of trouble on your hands because I don’t know what they would run with with that but I think and people would get hell of a lot worse because the fact that they’re not being condemned I just have this horrible feeling that that would take that as almost gospel and just keep running with it the yeah it’s again sort of my conclusion there was definitely that the counter protest to the protest was very violent and definitely made things worse I can understand I can understand obviously that that what they were counter protesting was very controversial and like I’m just going to go on to another point now that I noticed from sort of the whole protest the people walking America the really interesting place in from honnest I’ve been quite interested with how they sort of they just live recently pretty much because I was looking at the protests and in the UK for the most part and the protests would only result really in a fist fight but what I saw from the protests in America on the mainly on the the white nationalist overripe side was a was people walking around with firstly assault weapons which is an incredibly scary thing I I don’t know how many rounds they can pull off but I’m assuming it’s a hell of a lot and I’m assuming it cause a hell of a lot of damage in a crowd like that now I’m not gonna assume that they’re not saying of mind but I’m just saying that America has been fairly lenient in the past you know depending if they got their guns quite a while ago I don’t know how they’ve improved now but I’ve been fairly lenient in who they would give guns to especially when you look at you know school massacre style people the fact that they were able to get guns like that with with them you know with this with their condition you know with their mental state is worrying annum I was just watching this you know this protest and I was just a bit shocked really whether they were walking around with guns are definitely Millie I would consider military-grade I don’t even think they would they they look like fully fully automatic rifles I’m not entirely sure they’re allowed fully automatic fallen for eiffel’s anymore in America but um on top of that obviously had full body armor camo gear each of them was carrying about I’d say about 20 max I mean there was strapped all over the whole body play was covered in magazines in it they were kicked out rather than a protest in Charlottesville and kit out more for Afghanistan oh it was just it’s a completely different world I’m sure to them what I’m saying sounds completely stupid and I mean I mean that’s just my point of view it i’ve always agreed with self-defense weapons and i think if you have a concealed by the time is semi-automatic sort of pistol war or low caliber gun that can definitely defend you then that’s fine but those rifles are surely capable of not just defending you and they’re mobilizing someone but genuinely as horrible as it sounds tearing them apart i mean i don’t know what what size a munition they take or get a hump jim genuinely how much damage they can do but I know that if you’re firing anything from a rifle it’s it’s definitely powerful enough to kill someone in one shot um but yeah it you know that was just something that really surprised me about the whole the whole protest in general ennum and uh I don’t think it made any better I definitely think it antagonizes not just antagonizes them but antagonize everyone around in the protest I think what you’ve got is you’ve got people that are obviously there for a reason and to see someone kid out like that I think gives them the impression that they’re a war and I’m not just interested to see if there’s any research on it or or anything but I definitely think inadvertently that makes people more violent when someone’s walking around looking like they’re in a war zone that’s that’s what it feels like to me but I suppose we should move on to sort of another point on it is when Trump actually came to speak out about obviously the white nationalists and I mean that was an interesting thing you think since he’s actually gone back on and said something completely different I’m not entirely sure but um just trying to I could check it yes I think I think since he’s gone back to his original statement that it’s horrible to see the violence on both sides which again I said is not a completely wrong thing to say yeah he did go to a point where he said um we don’t obviously respect having people in society that feel they’re better than anyone or their race is better than anyone which is a good thing to say it’s completely right there were some other news stories that the gold right came more prepared for violence I think I think that’s definitely right they definitely came more prepared for a counter protest rather than the counter protesters came prepared to to directly hurt them but I think this is the thing the the select um I won’t even say selects but there’s definitely a proportion of the Biot left are full out ready to to have a scrap be alright and I’d say they came just as prepared I understand the argument that people turning up with rifles you know that’s absolutely that is it’s just over the top it’s just an image that if they were to use it and self-defense it would be far more damage to just the person in front of them so it’s not it’s not I can’t understand what it even can bring that is it’s definitely a scary thing and and imagine if they had that taken off of them if someone was able to take them out out of their hands you know there was a lot of people with a lot of emotions there I’m sure that there was people that were genuinely you know contemplating attacking them and possibly taking those guns off of them and that would be a scary for as well because I just generally think America is really on a tipping point of civil wars a really strong word but definitely definitely a bigger conflict in society than they’ve already got you know these small protests of all them all about the same thing it’s it’s what the right thinks versus what the left thinks is right you know it’s not going to stop it’s got to reach a boiling point they’ve both got a humongous numbers and the difference is in America they’re armed to the teeth are definitely all okay that one another thing I forgot to mention is when I was watching we see the guys walking around with their assault rifles and what stuff is um I was just walking around and I was just thinking I’m much more powerful than the police which is a scary thing when the the law enforcement are less powerful than some of the people walking around I mean not even the law enforcement had the Kevlar Kevlar grade body armor and the the weapons that they had as it’s definitely a point where America is close to an to some kind of civil war it’s got to be yes I mean a lot of the a lot of the new stories that are obviously talking about what the white supremists and the and the old rag were wearing so a lot of them were obviously coming with helmets I did see a lot of images of the machines which was quite unusual I don’t know whether implanted II they had chemical sprays and and clubs as well and that that’s quite a sinister thing that’s coming into a lot of these because I know that a lot of them the all right speakers you know when they have protests you know see look I mean look at Berkeley when Milo was obviously trying to speak and then I know there’s an increasing amount of people that are just armed with pepper spray and it’s just such a it’s it’s a very it’s not lethal but it’s definitely a very horrible thing to be using it’s definitely something that’s used you know obviously genuinely on people that have broken the law or they need to be stopped and I’ve seen a few cases just you know people unsuspectingly being splashed with pepper spray and it’s a it’s getting a bit unusual in America about sort of the ways that they’re they’re causing violence to each other and over the projectile throwing and other stuff it is getting quite bad as well so I mean the moral there is that obviously both sides were definitely armed for for some kind of conflict so I’m just looking at [Music] No some more new stories on it it’s probably a good good time to to talk about what I think this is going to mean for the future I guess I mean this there’s there’s a really really big divide in America basically you a lot of the old left because you could call them that just the you know ante firm kiss sjw’s you can’t really include them in not in terms of this violence but yeah it’s mainly anti-fur and them a lot of the time they obviously Collier college-educated and what that means is you know that they are obviously the future pretty much I mean there’s no other way to put it they are the future they are the people that will be educating again in the future you know there’s a big cycle and on the other side you’ve got you know that the right wing a lot of people that vote for Trump he’s got a hell of a lot of veterans on this side you can pay him into a Grebe’s obviously on as college educated in them you know a genuinely older and what you’ve got is just this if something doesn’t change and if there isn’t one one big thing that I’ve worried about is is the colleges in America and what they’re teaching and and the and the downfall of sort of free speech and open thinking and debate and even unison I’ve had interactions with friends i body you know second year in uni your first year in uni and there’s definitely like this fear of them I’ve just or a bubble of just the same forks there’s no if someone has a different opinion and I’ve really heard this in a few cases and I’m sure I’m sure for a fact that applies to colleges in America because I’ve seen videos of lecturers and and teachers I guess you could call them even in high school kicking out students who were supporting Trump or or if the teacher or lecturer says something against or Trump and the the student said something full trampled or replied to them and in a way they didn’t like they were just keeping another class and that’s a really worrying development especially in higher education when these people are going to be going into weld and spreading the message for the for the next generation I just can’t help but feel that they’re spreading the wrong message so I’m also saying yeah you need an in the UK that there’s already you know cases where um the free speech is just so so condemned and watered-down and ignored and even slandered in some cases and looked down upon but um yeah pretty much the fact that that’s happening is worrying and that’s why I think society is going to reach a breaking point pretty much here sir it’s got to happen if I’m quite honest because the fact that people are getting quite popular I mean I’ve even had friends that have completely changed really I’ve known them definitely a long time you know we’re talking more than 10 years and and from higher education they’ve definitely changed there’s no denying that what it’s done to them is definitely you know it is lowered their opinion on on free speech free speech I think is is going to be is going to be gone ah if nothing changes because it’ll all be the same view the right view in their opinion it’s just it is worrying it’s a bit sad Biya that’s pretty much my opinion on on that whole topic I think we covered about half an hour there on that so if you’ve got any opinions on that this podcast episode is going to be on a lot of platforms but whatever platform you’re listening on whether it’s SoundCloud the website YouTube anything really just let us know if there’s a comment section if not you can email me at Ryan at any source like Reddit UK and just let us know what you think about it we love hearing opinions and that’s pretty much what our whole website and Bing I guess you could just say is about so I mean to cover probably we’re covering up a half an hour but the next section I want to cover is it’s definitely America in North Korea this whole episode is really just going to be about recent American developments really I know it might be a bit boring to some there’s definitely a politics podcast today so yeah American North Korea’s a really interesting one to give you a timeline of pretty much what’s happened ISM so obviously everyone knows that North Korea has been been moving on with their nuclear developments pretty fast I mean there’s a hell of a lot of people that have been slandering their efforts and saying oh they can’t do it and they won’t have the capability even if they developed a nuclear warhead they went after the capability to fire accurately and I’ve had this ongoing thing with a friend where I’ve given a prediction of North Korea and what they’re going to do and he’s a very well-educated person and he’s even studying international relations and politics so he obviously gives his accurate response which is normally their North Korea he’s not capable enough and what I find myself doing recently is every time he’s got a counter reply is sending another news story back over of North Korea doing exactly what a month ago he said was impossible so they’ve obviously developed intercontinental ballistic missiles recently they’re now saying they’ve developed the technology to miniaturize the warhead and put it on the intercontinental ballistic missile meanwhile they’re still doing missile tests what we’ve had now is this complete switch in the approach to North Korea as well obviously when you look across the rest of the world will get to America in a sec but China is obviously condemning North Korea quite substantially now they for the most part for quite a while they were they were steering clear of of trying to get too involved and it’s quite obvious being bordered that they were still accepting North Korean Goods and run obviously shipping them back across is that’s it’s not even in contention but what we’ve seen recently is trying to openly say that they’re going to stop the the importing of North Korean I think it’s all and iron iron ore and coal I’m pretty certain anyway so that’s obviously a big export that that’s got to I’m not entirely sure on the numbers there but that’s got to be a big export for for North Korea I’m obviously not entirely sure but it’s got to be and see South Korea it has been if you know petrified if I can say that of not necessarily a nuclear attack but just genuinely a preemptive strike on any of it I think so see how is something like 30 miles away maybe even less maybe 20 miles so I think before they could even know it they would have a missile on their own they’re sitting obviously thousands people dying and if it was to be a nuclear warhead what you know obviously talking more to the tens of thousands if not you know a hundred thousand and then obviously a new you know development with North Korea has been Guam very recently I’m sure in the past they’ve seen it as a as a target because obviously it’s u.s. manned the US has a lot of interest there military wise you know a lot of the citizens there a lot of the people that live there are a military US military personnel US citizens that have moved there or obviously you know nationals of Guam who obviously born there yeah so the the the interesting thing is they live obviously recently identified that as a as a target I know what they’ve directly said is that it’s not the island in general that’s a target but definitely the the oceans by it which would obviously send a message I mean I’ve obviously done missiles in the Sea of Japan but if they if they would do to do this with Guam I think the the other obvious intent is that they would be led be firing that um you know much closer to the coast did to give a real you know like this is what we can do sort of statement so yeah let’s talk about why this is all happened and like the timeline of what’s happened what changed really because it’s the first time that they’ve you know they’ve been amping things that lob like this they’ve definitely been obviously quite hostile but things have definitely changed so um obviously Kim jong-un has been you know talking about the u.s. in ways that you know like he’s going to destroy the US and it’s going to burn and a lot of presidents in the past have been given that treatment by Kim not maybe not necessarily Kim jong-un but leaders in North Korea obviously under Obama Kim jong-un was I’m still very hostile but they took a completely different approach was just stand back and possibly ignore what he said but um obviously we knew this would change with Donald Trump and it’s it’s the first time we’ve been able to see actually how the approach has changed Dunham essentially his response to some of these threats that have been coming through it’s just completely different and it’s it’s not entirely bad it’s definitely making things worse but I definitely think I don’t understand what the endgame here is because he definitely got to go and obviously the quicker the better he’s just going to keep the country is just going to keep going in the same motion scared of one person and and he’s always going to keep going as much as we pit trade restrictions on off career they’re always going to keep going in some in some element in some way that country is going to keep going bigger and illegal exports etcetera but um yeah so essentially what’s what’s changed is Trump you know the same cost our threats have been coming through but Trump has obviously been changing the way in which he will respond to these frets so one of the first what you know one of the one of the first I think one of the first things that he did was mentioned about the u.s. being locked and loaded I don’t know that was one of the first or there’s been a recent thing he said but he’s definitely you know talked about the idea that the u.s. is just fully locked and loaded and ready to deploy all the military you know measures what we and whatever they can do and that’s obviously not gonna sit well with Kim jong-un he obviously sees that as a complete disapprove and he sees that as a way of undermining North Korea in a way in them it definitely didn’t sit well with him and obviously it’s the same with Donald Trump he could have said he could have said something nowhere near as bad and still at the same treatment but you know obviously he got and got completely slandered for it and then you know it’s suddenly the the news was that he’s starting World War three which came completely I was sat on swear at the time and I was just completely confused because there’s people saying that Donald Trump is the one to start World War three yeah like I said completely confusing it’s quite obviously kim jong-in this it’s going to be the one if ever to start World War II or a nuclear war or never just a general generally another war in Korea yeah there was people on Twitter just saying Donald Trump ranks first on World War 3 thanks for this song and I was just really really confused you know the blame suddenly went on on Donald Trump yes he’s you know his I don’t think is completely wrong what he said his country is obviously getting threats in and out and North Korea is advancing their military capacity at a rate that I don’t think many people before imagined and like I said I had a friend I have a friend who is quite well knowledgeable and didn’t really predict this even so they’re definitely surpassing some of the some of the predictions so because she could say I want people thought they were capable of anam so from then on you know I think it’s just been tit-for-tat really from Kim jong-un and Donald Trump it’s been what came out after that was the you know came up obviously breaking news and stuff and there was the Kim jong-un was planning a preemptive strike on Guam it came out I think quite late at night and then it obviously followed with him saying that he was planning a military strike there Emily he was going to finalize it in a few days and stuff and I don’t exactly know what the u.s. thought about that I know that suddenly the attention went to Guam immediately and there was obviously a lot of interviews with the residents there can people live in there because you know although it is a really strong military base and a lot of the island is made up of military personnel there are people that live their everyday lives and in that census it’s no different than it’s no different than then North Korea saying and we’re ready to drop a bomb on them on London it is it wouldn’t be any different so a lot of residents came out and someone I found quite worrying was that none of them had been prepared in any way for a potential strike which again I think reinforces the idea from from what I’ve said in the past that they’re just still not even expecting North Korea to be capable the the fact that no one’s been given training on that when when North Korea is getting such a threat I’m shopping from South Korea half I’m almost definitely sure that there are measures in place in South Korea so I think you know in all the areas around that this shit because North Korea is definitely capable of doing something very silly but very destructive anytime see there was this particularly interview one woman and she went on to say that obviously her families lived there for generations and um there was no preparations or or or anything kinam I’ll just want out quite wrong but she so polished her interview in my eyes after that by saying that Guam should have its own independence there should be as a reason with North Korea on their own and not just the confusion for me went straight up again I was like thinking in my head what she all about that there’s no way that you can the okay Donald Trump might take not taken the best approach but people in the past have and North Korea have still done missile tests even though and and nuclear tests let me put out that even though people have took a karma approach so it’s not going to change his his Kim jong-un’s you know final plan is always going to be destruction somewhere in the world I don’t know whether it’s going to be South Korea or America but it’s obviously the fact that he’s planning long-range capability in terms of just domestic normal missiles and nuclear carrying missiles it’s a provocation and it’s scary for a country that openly I mean I lay aboard definitely definitely so there a war but it’s more like a stalemate it’s just waiting for North Korea to do something one day but um yeah so this woman was on on the news talk about Guam saying she loves independence you should try and reason with North Korea and add my eyes I see that there’s no way you’re going to reason with North Korea firstly secondly okay that is worrying that you’ve not had that training but the idea is the other side the the impression I had from that was that she was blaming America for that it’s not necessarily America’s fault but I do think they’re being quite relaxed in the way they’re digging with something really serious the fact that that you know I’ve said earlier in the podcast that they’re definitely not expecting that and I had friends friends the really knowledgeable on this topic that didn’t even think so I can understand why people didn’t think that they’ve got anything planned but um but yeah that’s pretty much where it’s up to other than sort of the whole tip for tower I think North Korea ended up you know finalizing the the plan that they had you know the thing is very definitely backtracked on that because they understand they’re not completely stupid they understand that if they were to undertake that plan and fire the missiles off of Guam that I think they’re pretty knowledgeable in the fact that that would almost definitely be a reason for the u.s. to counter that and deploy you know I don’t know whether Donald Trump would deploy nuclear weapons but I definitely think he would counter anything North Korea dot does but you know it’s a really difficult one the fact that they come out without a statement about the plan means that they are definitely feeling more desperate I think it is a way to pay that they understand that it’s more like Now or Never because the u.s. is also being threatening to them they I think they’re smart they understand the in the u.s. is not going to preemptively strike them but they’re also worried because the u.s. is just getting stronger there’s no denying that the u.s. things in North Korea I’ve watched a pretty interesting video recently the North Korea does not ask that long in a war with America it’s just not possible not possible at all there’s you know the the the situation in North Korea right now there’s no possible way that they they would be able to last the sort of time that America would be able to last as far as I know the the the actual you know capability the the weaponry the vehicles so that firstly the planes are at the end of their service life which IVA means that they’re not working very well or soon there will be completely obsolete which for a whole I mean that’s the whole fleet of aircraft I know they have some newer ones but then the majority of their fleet of aircraft are becoming obsolete soon another thing that makes you think again I had my friends so that they’re almost definitely going to be able to get newer mix after this you know Russian or Chinese aircraft till the moment they have who have mig-29s I’m not entirely sure I think there might be newer but I was a bit surprised firstly they’re able to have fire craft like that then I realized the you know the the the generation that those aircraft were other so much lower that in terms of dogfighting with us is just not possible and you’ve obviously got better trained pilot in us to go through programs that just genuinely made them better pilots but I’ll surely got to make them quite desperate as well in my opinion fact that a lot of their weaponry is wearing and it’s like that make or break I don’t I’m not entirely sure if Kim jong-in thinks he can win the war or win a war this is the difficult one I don’t know whether he just wants to attempt to cause destruction in the US or what he wants to do I know for a fact that if he was destroying the US first his country would be gone incredibly quickly and it’s living with how societies changed but if not if America was to launch a nuke on on North Korea and I don’t think it’d be well received in from quite honest from society how is now and I think there’d be a lot of calls for I think there’d be a lot of calls for like you know for an investigation into why he did in it just in societies completely changed if you know I think I think the only reason he would do if there’s a strike on the u.s. first however I think the fact that it’s so pal there’s been a lot of people basically that have been saying well obviously the North Korean citizens are our our own you know self held hostage by him really there but they can’t do anything other than support him because they will die and I think is almost certain that if he was somehow overthrow him and a lot of the people below him to a certain level there’s a certain level of people of power that they have that I think if you take away everything up until they’re there everyone probably fall into line of just being a normal citizen again I don’t think they I don’t think they would take the famine an incredibly unenjoyable life but what I mean is I don’t think they genuinely seem as a god I don’t think anyone would choose famine but an incredibly dull and restricted life just to have him as a leader I know no one’s tried to take him down I think that’s pretty you know that that’s pretty obvious as to why I mean he’s obviously got a it’s obviously got a you know a circle around him of people but you know have the the same mindset but saying that he has he has killed people in the past or had them executed who were quite close to him and then quite close to his inner circle so I’m not entirely sure what you know maybe there is a mysterious aspect to why he’s not going over phone but all I’m saying is there’s two approaches here you can try somehow which is that this is the reason it’s not as applicable because I can’t imagine how to just overthrow him and all of the people below I’m not entirely sure how many people who would be but you’ve got to get to a certain level where there can’t be any more chain of command in terms of rule in the country or you know commander people and then you’ve got the army I’m not entirely sure how much of the army is actually behind the message of career or how much I know some soldiers have defected while they’re on post obviously to South Korea or been given China but surprisingly low amount seeing is they they’re definitely more privileged and they’re definitely more privileged citizens in North Korea than say farmers or or anyone else I’m not entirely sure how the society is made up in North Korea but I’m not yeah so like I said how much of the North Korean army would stick behind him and how much would they not if you took away the whole chain of command and you know that obviously a leader or all people that could fill in for leader it’d be interesting to see if that was possibly I’m sure it’s been weighed up and I’m um that might even be the reason that it’s not been employed but um it’s still an interesting idea obviously the second option is is is currently it’s currently a very military strike to disable North Korea or just in general London the nuclear strike option I’m not entirely sure I’m not entirely sure how applicable when nuclear strike is I think the idea is there are a lot of people that would die in North Korea there’s no denying that the nuclear weapons I think the modern age is so powerful that there’s you drop it anywhere and you’re going to kill civilians you can in anywhere in and obviously a country that’s you’re populated but um they’re the two options really in my eyes there’s no there’s no more option for you to debate with them or try and reason with them there’s just there’s nothing that there’s no way that you can reason with Kim jong-un and AH the steel people behind it you know behind the idea of trying to reason with them and I can’t understand you know what they’re what now they’re all about because my eyes there’s no way but I mean if you guys are as educated as some of the friends that I have or know enough about North Korea then and you know make sure you let us know on whatever platform if it’s on Soundcloud they have a comment system nothing they do if not my emails Brian at any source local at UK will be interesting to hear what you guys think about the topic in general I mean it’s quite you know it’s quite relevant is definitely like I’ve mentioned in the first half of the podcast on the Charlottesville protests and generally American citizens there’s a boiling point there and there’s definitely a boiling point with the North Korean conflict here because I know just as recently as this morning when I checked them North Korea’s hold off that strike on Guam to to assess what America is ready to do next and I can understand why at that point everyone’s just wait he bought Donald Trump says because it was definitely an idea with Kim jong-un that he’s got a massive ego and if you say the wrong thing to him he might just be crazy enough to do a crazy thing like that but I saw the Donald Trump ended up send a message saying that it was a wise idea for North Korea not fire on Guam which like I’m again I’m not entirely sure but if I was to look at Kim jong-un’s mentality in the past he’d probably see that as like a challenge like he’s he’d done something wrong or so you know in a way that he disappointed it’s a whoreo is a really weird way to look at it but the the mindset of him makes me think that that’s he’d see that as an insult you know the fact that he’s a wise idea not to fire like you know it doesn’t want America to have the advantage there and I’m you know ISM it is interesting the mentality of Trump and Kim jong-un in the world is quite as not funny as it can end up being it’s quite funny to watch too incredibly you know incredibly outspoken boisterous big-headed leaders just you know bow out in words and to think that Trump has 20,000 nukes behind him and Kim Jong Un’s racking up I think he’s close to something like 50 now we’re just watching those to play tennis with the world pretty much the world is just the tennis ball and they’re just playing tennis with it is it’s um yeah it’s definitely interesting but like I said summarize what what what my force on I don’t think chomps completely wrong and what he’s been say I think to say that that Trump’s deliberately done anything wrong here isn’t right I can agree definitely that he he took a different approach and I can also agree that when you compare it to say what leaders have done the past definitely Obama taking the restricted talking approach even though you are it’s like talking to a psychopath for Yukon not very easy way to reason yeah but I can agree definitely that the way he’s handled it isn’t obviously the best approach that’s pretty obvious but is there a best approach with dealing with North Korea the I would say the talking approach was a wrong approach in the end it gave him wiggle room to develop where he’s up to now in terms of nuclear weapons definitely did there’s no denying that he’s had the wiggle room in terms of the global community you know ignored slightly I guess you could say and he’s just been able to slip through and do this so yeah so yeah let us know what you think about all of the the topics we talked about and you can email me at any source stuck to the UK or if you’re on any of the platforms that have a commenting system then make sure you obviously give us a comment let us know what you think about all the topics yeah thanks for watching I hope you have a good day

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