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    Self-driving Uber car hits, kills pedestrian in Arizona

    Police are investigating a deadly crash involving a self-driving uber vehicle the vehicle was reportedly seen driving early Monday morning when a  Woman walking on the crosswalk was struck. The woman was then taken to hospital where she subsequently died of her injuries. This is a first in terms of self-driving UBER vehicles actually causing […] More

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    From Human to Cyborg in the Next Decade?

    Image source Not only are more of us using technology more than we ever have done in the past, but we’re increasingly integrating tech into our body too. Elon Musk was pretty much on the button when he said we’re already cyborgs. I mean, most of us are permanently attached to our smartphones; lots of […] More

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    Best Canon Lens for Video — Top 3 Cheap Canon Lenses for YouTube

    Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM (One of the best lenses for video) A highly portable pancake lens that’s ideal for travel and street photography. Its advanced optical design ensures great image quality, while a large f/2.8 maximum aperture allows hand-held low-light shooting. STM focusing delivers smooth, near-silent AF when capturing movies. To give you an […] More

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    The ultimate Smart Home Setup 2018

    Well, guys, 2017 has been a brilliant year for the Smart home there’s been loads more devices released plenty more updates making all of your devices so much smarter and new technologies making smart Home devices smaller and more intuitive. In this article, I want to give you the best devices that you need to […] More

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    Technological Integration Has Sped Up The World Of Business

    Time is money, so the saying in the world of business goes. Although this phrase might be used in daily life and sometimes in Hollywood movies, in the real world, business owners really mean it. They do so by the tee because, in essence, they know that in their country of operations, they have a […] More

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    Stuck In The Midst Of Bejeweled Blitz?

    Anyone who has a Facebook account or phone will have heard of Bejeweled in all its guises, from basic to blitz. Since 2000, it’s thought this beast of a game has consumed 10 billion hours of play by its 500 million users. That’s good going, even against top contenders like Angry birds. Picture Credit Yet, […] More

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    Sony A6500 Review – New Compact Camera Badass?

    The Sony a6500 sits at the top tier of the companies APS– C mirrorless camera range. When you take a look at this latest model compare to its predecessor the A6300 you can see some clear differences. 24 megapixels stills, an excellent video quality with included image stabilisation this new model looks to be building on […] More

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    Wavebox Has Revolutionised The Way I Work On Mac

    So for many of us, workflow is something that we are constantly trying to perfect. A well tuned and effective workflow means you can be at your most productive. There are many tools out there that can definitely help with your workflow, for example, you have tools such as Trello that allows you to organise […] More

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