Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

The Mark IV again is not seen as revolutionary enough in some quarters – exactly as the Mark III was initially – but it substantially different to the Mark II and I decided it was time to ignore the nay-sayers and give it a go.

And my first impression? I have been really stunned by the performance and changes since the Mark II and a weekend with it has shown me what a considerable upgrade it is – albeit quite complex in comparison.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

Let’s talk about some of the areas of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV that i liked the most. Firstly the autofocus. I need to say that it is stunningly fast through the viewfinder. Hugely better than the previous generation and therefore is a massive improvement over camera’s i’ve had in the past. Nice to be able to select zones to focus with as well as just points. It’s also important to mention that the autofocus live view has seen massive improvements, again another feature that make the upgrade over the last generation.


Next we have the built in WIFI. I admit not one of the most compelling factors, however the ability to quickly get your images off of the camera. When you’re not taking serious photo’s and when you’re not on a photoshoot this feature comes into its own. We all know that in a serious photo shoot you will be assessing photo’s in a studio so have no need for such a feature. However when you just want to access them quickly to share on instagram the WIFI feature makes it a whole lot easier for casual shooting.  

Image Quality

And of course we have to mention the Resolution. The 50% bump in resolution is really noticeable. I can zoom in considerably more and the options for cropping are obviously much better. I also don’t seem to have any issue so far with soft images which people have said happens with high-resolution sensors although I have only used L series lenses. you’ll see a marked improvement on the dynamic range. Shooting in the dark, you can recover far more shadow detail.


Next i want to mention the Ergonomics. There are a lot more more physical buttons on the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV than some of the previous generations. These new buttons are clearly going to be helpful for switching settings even more rapidly. Of course there is a learning curve to this so i’m not going to say remembering all of the functions is easy but when you do master them it’s going to make the camera a joy to work with.

So there it is, that’s a small little review of Canon EOS 5d Mark IV from only a few week use. If you want us to do a more in depth look at all of the features

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One thought on “Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review

  1. Great Review man, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV does look like a beast of a camera, but a bit out of my price range at the moment 🙂

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