Brexit Has Been A Complete Disaster From the Start

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Since the vote took place in 2016, it’s fair to say that whichever way you voted, it’s been a complete disaster so far. The right wing is eating itself alive and the left wing is looking on in a bemused way without actually opposing anything.

If you voted to leave, then shoddy management and a pathetic Tory party are really dragging their heels on all the negotiations – even when they have been ‘clear on that’ idea that they had some time ago that they weren’t actually that clear about to everyone else. It seems that Theresa has lost her mojo and her party are stumbling about like headless chicken trying to run a 100m race.

If you voted remain then it’s tough luck because the remainers aren’t really getting anywhere with their own propositions and the Millennial’s favourite Mr Corbyn has only just started to realise that, as the leader of the opposition, he can’t really just agree with everyone. Even if that is the nice thing to do.

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

The main reason that Brexit has been such an almighty cock-up is that the numbers just don’t add up. It doesn’t even seem to matter whether your choose real numbers, numbers that could be real in an ideal world or numbers that just sound right. This is basically why Theresa May won’t tell the British public how much the Brexit divorce bill will cost. She doesn’t know because so far, no one has ever divorced the EU and David Davis is doing a really bad job of negotiating anything.

In fact, it seems that he would rather simply walk away from negotiations with no deal because he can’t be bothered to negotiate a deal at all. Although, to be fair his way of putting it was more along the lines of preparing for every eventuality

The thing is, that if an accountant were to mess up their numbers this badly, you would certainly get some professional negligence solicitors involved to sort things out. No accountant would ever get away with crazy logic like leaving the largest single trading bloc in the world to get better deals with other countries. Especially when those countries are run by people like Donald Trump. Not exactly the pinnacle of good accounting skills there.

No One Will Compromise

The Tories are playing into the hands of the now defunct and largely ignored UKIP. They have succeeded in maintaining their party by the very skin of their teeth by completely ignoring everything and continuing onwards blindly. The party for the few will not listen to anyone else. Even the very angry public they are meant to be achieving Brexit for.

With a divisive media split between the Remainers and the Leavers, there isn’t much room for actual debate about the issues. Remainers are all leftwing snowflakes who can’t cope with being told that they are leaving the EU. Leavers are racist bigots who don’t understand the consequences of their actions. Absolutely no middle ground there.

This means that while the Daily Mail gets upset about pressing matters such as European workers not wanting to come and pick our brussels sprouts for Christmas, the Guardian continues to pursue controversial payments made to the Vote Leave Campaign. And just a reminder, The Mail was on the side of the Vote Leave Campaign…

The Referendum Was Not Instructive

It seems that at the very heart of the Brexit omnishambles is the idea of democracy and how we should uphold it. This means that a single vote meant complete chaos but the thought of further votes made by MPs on the potential deals and outcomes would be totally undemocratic. Oh, the irony.

The referendum was only ‘advisory’. MPs could have sat down over a beer and said, “look guys, this is a really bad plan. We don’t know what we’re doing. We have a hunch that this won’t be an easy ride. Maybe we should just, you know, call the whole thing off.”

And this would have been perfectly legal and completely democratic. We vote for MPs to represent us and make decisions like this for us. The British public isn’t smart enough to understand the ins and outs of every single detail holding the EU together. Democracy isn’t about giving a small number of people the opportunity to ruin things for everyone – even those they are meant to be representing.

And yet, this government is determined to seek out what they interpret as the ‘will of the people’ because it is convenient to make their Eurosceptic backbenchers happy so that they can stay in power and continue to make the rich richer, the poor poorer and laugh all the way to the Cayman Islands.

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