AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Review

AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh

I have tested the AUKEY Solar Power Bank and now i feel it is time to give my view on what has been one of the coolest products i have tested in a long while.

There is a solar panel measuring 6cm by 11.5cm on the top, this presents some source of power for charging as a backup but a complete charge would take days. However having this as an option is something that I’m fairly new to, and I have to say that although it is indeed a novelty feature it is something that I’m a big fan of. All slagging off aside this powerpack has a freaking solar panel on the back, that actually works.

AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh

The capacity of the AUKEY Solar Power Bank is 12000mAh, so one of the larger battery packs that I have tested, it manages some amazing charges, for example, I can easily get a full charge of my iPad mini and my iPhone 6splus with a breeze. Going on long trips and nights away is where this powerpack really shines, it can easily keep all of your tech fully charged and add the possibility of recharging it whilst away from power sockets and you have a gadget that can in effect make you sustainable whilst away from the house.

The AUKEY Solar Power Bank has 2 ports, one with a 2.4A output and another with a 1A output. Both ports are covered by grey flaps which fit in well and stay in when not in use. These also act as a partial layer of defence against dust and the slightest splash of water, however, in no way will these hold up against large splashes, rain or submersion underwater. However, for what they are they keep the ports protected, allowing it to stay in better condition for longer.

AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Ports

Under one of the grey flaps, there is also a Micro-USB port for charging the portable charger. It takes a few hours to charge the portable charger from mains using the USB cable provided so you won’t be sitting around all day waiting for this thing to full juice up.

The design of the AUKEY Solar Power Bank is a soft touch material which feels nice to touch. On the side of the portable charger is 4 LED which each represents 25% of the portable chargers remaining life, adjacent to these is a small red button. When you plug in your phone you will need to press this to begin charging, this is crucial for you to know as i have had plenty of battery packs in the past that have claimed they would start charging automatically, however, come back an hour later expecting your phone to be fully charged and you find that the thing wasn’t even on.
also when pressed it displays the remaining charge and also holding it down turns on the LED on the front side of the portable charger.


One of the only real drawbacks that I can find with the AUKEY Solar Power Bank is a small design feature that I think could have done a bit better. The port protectors seem to be very flimsy and I can personally see them slowly being torn off, I know this is slightly picky however it wouldn’t be a fair review without mentioning one of the small drawbacks. However don’t let this put you off, these are I have to say unnecessary features anyway as they do not provide any water protection which is usually the only reason that I would put such a protector over a port.

Put that small detail aside and you have an impeccably designed and performing product that is one of the best additions to my tech arsenal so far, the solar panel is something I love having and I’m sure I share that view with the rest of the tech enthusiasts out there. So if you’re looking for an awesome Christmas present for one of your tech friends then this is definitely a go-to product.

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3 thoughts on “AUKEY Solar Power Bank 12000mAh Review

  1. Awesome Post, definitely worth checking this powerpack out, needed something ith a bit of extra storage and the added benefit of the solar panel make this much more worth it

  2. The solar power bank seems really great. Sounds like the outdoor mega device! Would like one to test as well for myself. Might get one as a christmas present for myself 😉 Thanks for your detailed review!

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