AUKEY Quick Charge 2.0 10000 mAh External Battery

I have purchased many of these products in the past, for those who are not accustomed, “external battery packs” provide you with a source to charge your devices without the need for mains and the chances are if you have a mobile device you have come across one of these at some point or another. They normally come in the form of a tube or a block and the “MAH” capacities scale up accordingly.
AUKEY Portable Charger Powerbank 10000mAh, 5V 1A Output and 5V 2.1A Output, 5V 2.1A Micro USB Input, for iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, iPad, Kindle ect., with a 20cm Micro USB Charging Cable

First Impressions

With that out of the way lets talk about Aukeys power bank. Initially, I was very impressed with the physical aspects of this device. It has been built very simply but elegantly mixing strong build with simple styling and colouring. the size was no issue, for the power I have learnt with dealing with a larger device (honestly you won’t find it an issue).

Features & Style 

The power pack has a power button, which is used to check the battery level, start charging or turn on (and off) the torch) and generally acts as a one stop button to keep the rest of the device clean and simple. There are 2 USB sockets on the end and a micro USB socket on the side, close to the end. One of the USB sockets is capable of delivering 1A, while the 2nd USB port can deliver a much greater 2.4A. This is useful for charging tablets, and other higher power items. The 1A is perfectly fine for recharging mobile phones and other similar smaller gadgets. I tested this using my Apple iPhone 6s Plus, which charged perfectly well in either port. While recharging gadgets, the unit displays its current capacity on the battery level indicator, which is the AUKEY logo on top of the unit. This was a nice feature with the included light up LED’s symbolising either red or green to show battery level was a really nice add on.

The unit is charged using the supplied USB to Micro USB cable (see photos), which is 15cm in length. When charging, the AUKEY logo lights up on the top of the unit, to show the charging process, flashing red, then green, then white, and finally staying on constant white when charged. These 3 colours are also used to display the remaining capacity when not being charged, which is an excellent feature if you only use the pack periodically and cannot remember its current charge level. Again as mentioned above this feature is something that I have not seen on other power packs and for the sam competing prices I would say that it allows the Aukey device to be a step ahead of its competitors. That might sound like a big statement for such a small feature, however, its nice features like this that further reinforce the sleek and modern styling that consequently makes this such a good device.

Torch Feature

The pack also has a very handy torch function, which is turned on with the same power button (held for 2-3 seconds). For a small LED, it really does give out a bright light in fact in low light/ pitch black conditions this does light up an area very well, I would say that it is perfectly reasonable to replace a torch on say a camping trip with the inbuilt one on this power bank.

Aukey 10,000 mah battery pack


This is by far one of the best power packs I’ve actually ever bought, the style has to be up there with the best, its sleek and simple styling makes it much better than others I’ve had that have just complicated their style. on top of that, it features some of the latest technology which in my eyes makes it a win-win.

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