Astronomers have captured the most detailed image of a star ever

what is good guys welcome back to any source another little new story today as we’ve been keeping up with a very interesting one actually nothing related to politics but it’s actually space which is something that massively interests me. We are going to be doing more of in the future because if I’m honest space is one of the most interesting things that I write about on the website and I’m yeah I mean whenever I get the opportunity to this is definitely while recovering so the story today is a really interesting one so astronomers have captured the most detailed image of a star ever we obviously with the exception of our Suns are out of our you know solar system so it’s a really really good picture I mean you need to run just a lot of people will look at this picture and say oh you know it’s blurry or it’s not a good resolution or whatever but you have to understand just how far away it is.

so yeah it was captured by the astronomers are the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope facility and yeah I mean the way they’ve described it is they’ve captured the most detailed image of an alien star ever so the star is I think they’ve called it and terrace and their problem there’s probably got some pronunciation that I’ve got out there which is the 15th brightest star in the night sky so I’ll put obviously the beat images up and everything does of what it is and they’ve also released a really helpful I’d say helpful anyway video explained a bit about the star so you know so just looking at the picture it’s quite interesting to also listen to a bit of information about it you know learn learn along the way and so it’s been described by experts as a red supergiant which is why I think they’re saying I don’t know how I don’t know what the coverage is across the well but you can see a slight rosy tint if you look at the night sky with your naked eye and

obviously you can identify where it is so yeah I mean it’s really really really impressive it’s 550 light years away so when you look at the image which we’re gonna have up and you also combine that with fact that it’s you know 500 or 550 light years away from Earth that’s quite far I think they even go into the exact kilometer so it’s five thousand million million kilometres which yeah I mean that is crazy to get a picture for even though the picture is slightly blurry that it’s quite incredible see I mean I’ll leave some more images up and some tweets but it’s definitely a really interesting one I’ve not seen an image as amazing and so far away from Earth for quite a while so yeah make sure you check out this new story will have some more images up on the side which I’ll also link you to.

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