5 Most Haunted Forests In The World

Screaming Woods United Kingdom

Screaming woods united kindom
Just outside the village of Pluckley which has held the title of the most haunted place in the UK. Originally called the dering woods the haunted nature of the woods has rubbed off on its name as many of the visitors report to hearing screaming in the woods which are often described as non-human and more screeching.

freetown state forest


Part of a collection of 3 very well known haunted sites in close proximity also known as the Bridgewater triangle this s one of the most haunted areas of the three. long known to be cursed by native Indians who were brought out of the area. In more modern times it has been associated with satanic occultists who have even been known to conduct human sacrifices there. It is said that the same evil forces that were summoned in the forest remain there now to haunt visitors, it is often said that people feel as though they were pushed or touched around the woods, people have also heard breathing or screaming in the forest.

devils tramping ground, North Carolina

Devils Tramping Ground

The devils tramping ground forest is located in the North Carolina; its name derives from a burnt clearing in the woods that locals claim by legend are an area where the devil demolished parts of the forest in anger towards humanity. Several weird phenomena take place in and around the circle; firstly no vegetation has grown there and even after scientific studies and tests undertook can not explain a reason why nothing grows there. People who have also spent the night in the clearing have felt extremely uncomfortable and weirdly enough people have found that if they place objects in the circle they would come back later to find out on the edges of the circle.

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

The Hoia-Baciu Forest has long been notorious for high levels of paranormal activity, from ghost, mystery lights and even the reports of UFO’s hovering over the forest. Many locals around the woods will not step foot in it due to the terrifying activity in the forest. People who have been brave enough to enter report to having migraines, vomiting, extreme vomiting and even skin rashes. One of the weirder accounts in the forest is that of people disappearing into an alleged interdimensional portal that people go into and are left with no recollection of the time they lost.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

It comes as no surprise that the forest labeled as the suicide forest would top the list as the most creepy and haunted forests. located near the foot of Mt Fuji in japan almost 500 people have headed to the forest to end their lives, and even to this day people still find this the best place to end their lives. Individuals who visit the forest have come across rotting bodies and personal belongings and notes of people that have killed themselves in the forest. the legend goes that all of the suicides in the forest come back to haunt as they ended their lives too soon, people often hear screams and moaning in the forest which people associate with the sorrow of the people that have made the decision to end their lives. in a sinister twist, one of the activities reported in the forest is the feeling of energy that in some way drags or keeps them in the forest, this could be an explanation to why so many people are drawn there. people who have visited often feel that they are tied to the forest in a  weird spiritual way and the feeling that they cannot leave.

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