5 Best Video Marketing Campaigns of 2017

Today, an increasing number of companies realize that video marketing campaigns can be used to engage with Generation X and Generation Y customers, and create their own videos hoping that they will go viral, get shared on social media with friends and family members, and strengthen their brand on the global marketplace. There are several digital marketing companies specializing on video creation and distribution, due to the growing demand. Some deliver results, and some campaigns just waste clients’ money. If you are looking for inspiration, you can check out the best videos currently trending on social media.

“HD Cinamatic Wedding Videographer Videography Video Production Austin”by Movieing Memories Wedding Videography / Videographer Video Production Austin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

  1. Mr Clean Superbowl Commercial

A short video created by Proctor and Noble has been a hit this year. The ad features the “cleaner of your dreams”, and had 17 million views on YouTube. On the top of that, there were over 11,000 mentions about the ad on Twitter and Facebook. The campaign managed to make an everyday product appear sexy and desirable, just before Valentine’s Day.

2. Heineken’s “World’s Apart”

This campaign was powerful, as it picked a topic that interests most people in the world today: the divided nature of the society. It had a strong and powerful message that viewers could associate with. The campaign was shared on social media not because it was by Heineken, but because many people agreed with the message and found it to be a powerful media to capture the essence of the problem. Promoting unity and solidarity through Mob Film Company is always a good way of creating a positive brand image.

3. Airbnb’s “Live There”

The creators of the campaign carefully targeted younger people with the campaign. They made the cosmopolitan message clear and appealing for Millennials. It features young people exploring the world, and adventure travelers who are more interested in the local culture and traditions than the usual tourist attractions. It tells stories, and that is what young people like. It features experiences that the target customer of Airbnb can relate to, such as mixing with locals, going to unusual places, and exploring the best views.  

“Strictly Sydney Vivid 2014” by Paxtons Camera Video Digital is licensed underCC BY 2.0

4.  Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches

This ad, designed for social media targets a problem many women share: insecurity about their bodies. The company has already sent out similar marketing messages, and features real women, instead of models. It is powerful, as it allows the audience to relate to the experiences of the individuals featured in the video, and have a “me too” moment. The video celebrating imperfections has a positive message: make the most out of your beauty, and don’t over-criticize yourself.

5. Under Armour: #iwillwhatiwant

This campaign became a hit because it created its own hashtag and encouraged people to share their dreams. It had a positive, empowering message, and had over 80,000 likes, and plenty of hashtag mentions. Through a powerful lifestyle statement and encouragement, the company managed to promote its latest collection and get customer engagement.


Today, video marketing is essential to companies’ customer engagement and marketing strategies. Creating powerful, contemporary messages, thinking outside the box, and building a strong brand personality has just become easier through video marketing.

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