Should PewDiePie Be Taken Down For Racial Slur?

One of YouTube’s biggest stars PewDiePie is back in the news again for using bad words and this time the person taking him indirectly is none other than the game developer of firewatch, a game that pewdiepie has uploaded and streamed on the past on his channel.

Over the weekend pewdiepie, “Kjellberg” utilized a racial slur amid a Twitch livestream. Sean Vanaman of Campo Santo studios claimed to file a claim to have any material identified with Campo Santo expelled from Kjellberg’s YouTube channel. He’s requesting that different companies act with them.

DMCA takedowns and permit claims have truly been a prickly issue for YouTubers. fair use rules sound generally clear on a basic level when you read YouTube’s page on them, yet by and by having been somewhat harder to parse. A few studios —, for example, Nintendo — employ them cruelly against YouTubers. Others are somewhat more casual, thinking that it’s free promoting. Indeed, even Vanaman takes this view, obviously

Im gonna go a bit off the cuff here and say what i really think. When we look at this on a simple level and we break down what went on we can see that firstly the game that was being streamed when pewdiepie said the bad word was PUBG, nothing to do with firewatch in anyway. No from twitter we can work out that the reason Sean has gone so defensive is because he doesn’t want to be recognised with a racist, what he doesn’t realise is that is exactly what he has don by coming out on twitter. Look right now, no one is saying that PUBG is supporting a racist because he said the n word whilst playing their game.  So why would they have ever associated your game with it when it wasn’t even said in correlation with any of your gameplay.

What do you guys think, let us know in the comments below, who is in the wrong the most here and what do you think the future looks like for all of the parties involved.

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